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Great site, for finding outdoor people, have met my soulmate, thank you

Hi, It's a great site and works well I have met someone indirectly as a result Cheers

I had email conversations with a few guys and all seemed lovely. I met up with someone from the site and have started seeing him and am very hopeful that I won't be needing Outdoor Duo again!

Found someone fab on Outdoor Duo!!Best £5 I’ve ever spent

Great site. Met someone very special. Thanks for your help.

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Yes - definitely: Shorty, Suzie3
Yes - maybe: going4gold, Pendle Hill, Hilltop Heights
Sorry - can't come: Northern Soul

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TrotOn   on 11/09/17 @ 19:18 said:

Have a great walk. Myself and Helvellyn40 love this area, but we are both walking in Scotland this weekend.

Shorty   on 13/09/17 @ 16:25 said:

Hi Hotlegs. Hoping to make this on Sunday, & maybe chat about Lejog too. Rob

going4gold   on 13/09/17 @ 18:41 said:

Me too
Echo shorty's comments

JacquiT   on 13/09/17 @ 22:28 said:

Sounds a fab walk..... Unfortunately I have committed to a day in Swansea on Saturday.....
Have a fab day out

Pendle Hill   on 15/09/17 @ 19:33 said:

Hi Hotlegs, Sorry to cancel but I have developed a chest infection and feel dreadful, hope to catch you on another of your walks.

Northern Soul   on 15/09/17 @ 20:16 said:

Hi Hotlegs. It's s great route. Just call me a wimp, but I'm dipping out because I suspect that it'll be horrendously boggy up there after the recent heavy rain. Love to do it another time though.

Shorty   on 16/09/17 @ 10:08 said:

Hotlegs I have just been told I need to see a specialist urgently, which could be on Sunday, and to cut back on the strenuous walking, at least until I see him/her. So unless this walk is fairly easy, I need to cancel I'm afraid.
As I don't know the area well, I can't judge that. And I don't want to risk compromising your walk, but still want to get some exercise and talk about Lejog. What do you think? Rob

Hotlegs   on 16/09/17 @ 11:17 said:

Rob,the walk is probably too strenuous for you i think but I will get in touch re LEJOG. Hooe you recover quickly, Dave

Shorty   on 16/09/17 @ 14:04 said:

OK thanks for helping me decide. Speak soon.

Suzie3   on 16/09/17 @ 14:08 said:

Hi Hotlegs! Thought I'd add to the confusion by putting myself as a maybe Are any walkers taking dogs? If so can they confirm they will be on a lead please (the dog, not the owner...although that's also optional) Thanks

Hotlegs   on 16/09/17 @ 20:34 said:

Hi Suzie, As far as I know there are no dogs coming along so hopefully you will. See you in the mirning. Weather forecast is good. Sunny spells 15deg C and light winds.

Suzie3   on 16/09/17 @ 22:30 said:

Thanks, I'll let you know in the morning

Shorty   on 17/09/17 @ 5:45 said:

Hot legs I spoke to a consultant last night, who said I am probably still ok to walk.
So I'm coming regardless!! Hope you don't mind.?

Suzie3   on 17/09/17 @ 8:06 said:

Hotlegs: I'm going to head up there so... I'm in! See you there

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