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Great site, for finding outdoor people, have met my soulmate, thank you

Hi, It's a great site and works well I have met someone indirectly as a result Cheers

I had email conversations with a few guys and all seemed lovely. I met up with someone from the site and have started seeing him and am very hopeful that I won't be needing Outdoor Duo again!

Found someone fab on Outdoor Duo!!Best £5 I’ve ever spent

Great site. Met someone very special. Thanks for your help.

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Yes - definitely: alpine hiker, Vickster, TrotOn, M1960, Pendle Hill, AverageGuy, Happy Gal, Mountain Heather, Carpe Diem!
Yes - maybe: CathyandDavid, Elderflower, catwalker, Hilltop Heights
Sorry - can't come: SteveB90, Ruby Walls, Lazlo Woodbine, fell walker, Spring, Just Bea, jo_jo, Rick and Viv's Adventures

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landranger68   on 11/09/17 @ 21:19 said:

Hi Heather,
This is really my favourite walk,but whenever i post an invite,there are no takers,perhaps i should be doused with an anointing of Stallion deodourant.Enjoy this wonderful day,whether sun or snow,got the T shirt

Mountain Heather   on 11/09/17 @ 21:49 said:

Hi Landranger. I love the ridge line but have to admit to having only done it in Alpine conditions as part of the Kentmere round, so I felt it deserved another visit. Shame you can't join us to enjoy these wonderful fells, hopefully in thier autumnal glory

CathyandDavid   on 13/09/17 @ 20:54 said:

This looks to be a good big day out.It's a while since I've been that way. Do you have a time/pace estimate?

CathyandDavid   on 13/09/17 @ 20:55 said:

I should also say, count me as two as David will be with me.

Mountain Heather   on 13/09/17 @ 21:34 said:

Cathy: not really but given the time of year, I won't be wanting to dawdle too much as it'll be dark early.

Elderflower   on 15/09/17 @ 21:27 said:

Late decision to join you guys but depends on weather for this one Heather! Be great to catch up ��X

Mountain Heather   on 22/09/17 @ 18:04 said:

Elderflower: so glad you're headed back up north- it'll be fab to see and catch up with you. This is definitely weather dependant as once you're on the ridge there is no escaping the weather x

Hotlegs   on 30/09/17 @ 20:57 said:

I have always walked this as part of the Kentmere round and nicknamed the 3 hills the three tits! So walking from Troutbeck must mean a pint in the Mortal Man at the end. Well worth it

Mountain Heather   on 01/10/17 @ 19:33 said:

Hotlegs: The Mortal Man is a pub I’ve never been in, so I think we might take up your suggestion and pay it visit for the post-walk pint

Hotlegs   on 04/10/17 @ 14:10 said:

The Mortal Man never disappoints and if the weathers fine has a superb garden area where you look right across the valley and hills you have just walked. Usually splendid variety of ales and other beverages also.

CathyandDavid   on 05/10/17 @ 18:50 said:

I've turned us into a maybe as Jen's walk also tempts us...but then so does the Mortal Man which is one of those rare pubs which serves Loweswater Gold!

Mountain Heather   on 06/10/17 @ 19:20 said:

C&D: no problem at all - it’s great that there are different options which are all tempting but glad it’s not me having to choose If you do go on the other walk and the Mortal Man does do loweswater we can always ask for a carry-out for you

Just Bea   on 10/10/17 @ 20:19 said:

A may be for the moment... need to check a few dates

Vickster   on 14/10/17 @ 13:37 said:

I'm tempted to join this, sounds amazing. Would my dog be welcome on the walk? No problem if not, just wondering ��

TrotOn   on 14/10/17 @ 14:45 said:

Warwickshiregal: Hello in reply, as Mountain Heather is returning from her Mt. Blanc ascent.
Your dog is most welcome to join you in any of the Lakes Weekend walks. It looks like there will be several other dogs walking over the weekend and my dog will go on all the walks that I go on.
Dogs are a big part of our lives

Mountain Heather   on 14/10/17 @ 19:57 said:

Warwickshiregal: ditto to TrotOn’s comments and I𠆝 just ask that if we encounter livestock, your pup is kept under control. Hope you can make the weekend - it’s going to be a good one and a great time to meet the fab bunch of folk that make OD so great . Look forward to meeting you

Mountain Heather   on 14/10/17 @ 19:59 said:

Pebbles(Bea) it’s been a long time since we’ve seen you - hope you can make it and enjoy a good old catch up x

Vickster   on 14/10/17 @ 23:30 said:

Thank you TrotOn and Mountain Heather look forward to meeting you and everyone else.

Just Bea   on 16/10/17 @ 20:47 said:

Heather... i can not make saturdays adventure...but I deffo get away for a walk...with you or Paul, both invites look fabbi dossi..
Is anyone staying overnite in the YHA...?!
I might travel to the lakes after my family visited...on Saturday make sure I am on time for sunday's jolly..x

Vickster   on 16/10/17 @ 21:34 said:

I'm struggling to find accommodation, having my pooch limits options and I'm a bit of a wuss so not keen on camping this late on! I'll keep trying and confirm yes or no nearer the date.

TrotOn   on 17/10/17 @ 0:07 said:

Warwickshiregal: Try phoning Ullswater View/Brackenrigg/Troutbeck Inn. They are pet friendly. If full, ask if they know a local B&B. Everyone knows people in this area. Similar, if you phone someone at Glenridding or Patterdale. One person on OD confirmed they had booked at Dockray.
Be good to see you and your dog

Vickster   on 17/10/17 @ 18:12 said:

TrotOn: thank you so much for the tips, will follow them up.

Just Bea   on 17/10/17 @ 20:24 said:

I am very sorry for the late reply. I have the same problem as you...i manage sometimes to get a hostel...and tilly is staying in the boot of the car...but in winter time this isnt possible...
We should put our heads together next time...and book a room together....all 4 of us

Vickster   on 18/10/17 @ 22:34 said:

Pebbles(Bea) that would be great and sounds like a plan! Look forward to meeting you one day.

Rick and Viv's Adventures   on 20/10/17 @ 17:39 said:

Hi Heather, we both wish we could make this weekend but our working rota stops us from doing so. Have fun we'll get out on one of these OD meet ups one day

Mountain Heather   on 20/10/17 @ 18:46 said:

Rick & Viv: aawww... I’m gutted such a shame you can’t join us - would have loved to get back on the fells with you guys! Don’t forget to keep your diary free for May next year...I’ll be posting an invite in the new year

Vickster   on 22/10/17 @ 17:34 said:

I've found a bed for Saturday night so looking forward to meeting you all on this walk.

Mountain Heather   on 22/10/17 @ 18:48 said:

Warwickshiregal: that’s great news! Looking forward to meeting you & your 4 legged friend- we’re going to have a lovely weekend!

jo_jo   on 28/10/17 @ 7:22 said:

Mountain Heather: As I pulled a muscle on yesterday's walk have decided to go for the easier walk today Heather. Have a great day and see you at BBQ later.

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