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Great site, for finding outdoor people, have met my soulmate, thank you

Hi, It's a great site and works well I have met someone indirectly as a result Cheers

I had email conversations with a few guys and all seemed lovely. I met up with someone from the site and have started seeing him and am very hopeful that I won't be needing Outdoor Duo again!

Found someone fab on Outdoor Duo!!Best £5 I’ve ever spent

Great site. Met someone very special. Thanks for your help.

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Yes - definitely: Tracy (no 'e'!), aval
Sorry - can't come: Rachael 234

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Sunny   on 04/09/17 @ 12:04 said:

This sounds gorgeous - I wish Nottingham and Pembrokeshire were a bit closer to each other!

walkingmakesmehappy   on 04/09/17 @ 16:28 said:

I think the picture does it justice! Have lived here on and off for 25 years and never walked the whole route in one go, can't quite believe that Sunny

womble   on 04/09/17 @ 19:08 said:

Well done to a new member for putting up a walk; I hope you get some takers, it sounds great. Too far me I'm afraid.

Jill18   on 04/09/17 @ 19:39 said:

Would of loved to of done this...spent many happy holidays down your way.....maybe get to do it another time

Tracy (no 'e'!)   on 04/09/17 @ 21:17 said:

I'm quite tempted by this and just trying to work out how to make it into a weekend and combine it with a coastal path walk on the Saturday.

Tracy (no 'e'!)   on 04/09/17 @ 21:46 said:

Just worked it out! I'll put a companion walk on for the Saturday in case anyone wants to make a weekend of it.

walkingmakesmehappy   on 06/09/17 @ 7:56 said:

Hi Tracy (no 'e'!) I really look forward to meeting you. We can always chat beforehand if needs be. Do you have wheels? My mobile is 0776 555 1939.

walkingmakesmehappy   on 06/09/17 @ 7:57 said:

Thanks Sunny, womble, Jill18 for getting in touch, one day perhaps!

Claire4   on 07/09/17 @ 23:02 said:

Looks stunning! Will log this walk for another time, sorry can't make 17th

Tracy (no 'e'!)   on 08/09/17 @ 7:20 said:

walkingmakesmehappy: Yes I do have wheels, I'll message you my mobile next week.

walkingmakesmehappy   on 08/09/17 @ 20:19 said:


aval   on 15/09/17 @ 15:43 said:

Hi Steve. Just added my name to your walk.
There will be two of us driving a 4/5 seater Yeti.
This is available for transfers if you need it.
Otherwise we will meet you at Bwlch Gwynt at 9.50

Rachael 234   on 15/09/17 @ 17:28 said:

Sorry. I would have loved to have joined you but I have other commitments this weekend. Have a lovely walk.

Tracy (no 'e'!)   on 16/09/17 @ 18:52 said:

aval: Yay Tony! I can guess who the second person is! See you tomorrow!

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