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Thank you - I have met someone using Outdoor Duo. He's very nice too!
Peaky Walker 

Met a wonderful man. Thank you

Met and married Tobyjug thanks to OD so no longer need the website as plenty of walking with two other clubs we are members of.

Great site, for finding outdoor people, have met my soulmate, thank you

Hi, It's a great site and works well I have met someone indirectly as a result Cheers

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Yes - definitely: taz, Alvina, TrotOn, Indiana Jane, M1960, Pendle Hill, Helvellyn40, AverageGuy, Loran, Lazlo Woodbine, Happy Hiker10, Happy Gal, Hotlegs, Vickster, Northern Walker, Northern Soul, Bike and Boat, adventure rose, Kath_T, CathyandDavid, catwalker, Stephen, StephenJohn, Spring, going4gold, top_spot (john), Elderflower, alpine hiker, Carpe Diem!, jo_jo, life's an adventure, Mountain Heather
Yes - maybe: Just Bea, Walking On, Janhk, pattyg, fell walker, Vickypark, Sue + Dawgz, suerR
Sorry - can't come: Peak Rambler, Dale, Honey Bun, lizzied, Mountain_Mouse, Ruby Walls, Rick and Viv's Adventures, ManPlusDog, Nikey, Rachael 234, Rosie. B, Shorty, Alive in the hills

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going4gold   on 04/08/17 @ 19:50 said:

Sounds wonderful but I will be in Mallorca - well until 29/10 anyway

Indiana Jane   on 04/08/17 @ 21:54 said:

I haven't been to the Lakes so far this year so I'll try and make the weekend.

CathyandDavid   on 05/08/17 @ 21:05 said:

We're very likely to be persuaded to join you this weekend if the weather is looking any one for a Grade 3 scramble

TrotOn   on 05/08/17 @ 21:43 said:

cathy50: Nelson! I WILL get on my bike!!

lizzied   on 05/08/17 @ 21:52 said:

Need to swap my working day but shouldn't be a problem.
Are we staying at the YH in Patterdale or Glenridding?

Just Bea   on 06/08/17 @ 9:12 said:

Great weekend...but might not be in top form to join you all for this adventerous walk lol
I will monitor my fitness till then

TrotOn   on 06/08/17 @ 9:44 said:

lizzied: I am staying 10 minutes drive from Glenridding with a few OD friends.

Mountain_Mouse   on 08/08/17 @ 21:56 said:

I am interested in Grade 3 scramble(s)
I would camp at Patterdale YHA or at Side Farm

Dale   on 09/08/17 @ 8:06 said:

I'm definitely up for scrambling!

adventure rose   on 12/08/17 @ 19:18 said:

Not so keen on scrambling though! But haven't had an OD walk for ages so hope I can make these.

CathyandDavid   on 13/08/17 @ 19:00 said:

We'll wait until nearer date to decide about the scramble. We did it last week and I needed a rope for part of it. It's not for the faint hearted!

Honey Bun   on 17/08/17 @ 21:09 said:

I'm not really a scrambler so if this looks too much then I'll drop out but I'm really hoping it will be in my range.

Indiana Jane   on 18/08/17 @ 21:26 said:

I've just been looking at accommodation. There are no female beds at Patterdale YHA, there are some at Helvellyn YHA but I object to paying 30 pounds for a dorm. Gillside Campsite looks quite good and they also have a bunkhouse which might be preferable to a tent at the end of October.

life's an adventure   on 24/08/17 @ 18:17 said:

Life's an adventure I have signed up for the Via Ferrata at the top of Honister Pass for the 3 pm slot on the Sunday. Please let me know if you are interested in going. Will try and fit in the first part of the walk.

Mountain Heather   on 24/08/17 @ 21:58 said:

TrotOn: I'm sure between us we can post walks which cover a variety of options that'll appeal to all folk. I'll be in touch with some ideas shortly.MH

TrotOn   on 24/08/17 @ 22:42 said:

Mountain Heather: Cheers, have messaged you. Great you are happy to help.

jo_jo   on 25/08/17 @ 0:12 said:

Would like to join you for this.. maybe even try a bit of scrambling!! will look for a b&b around this area.

life's an adventure   on 27/08/17 @ 19:29 said:

Life's an adventure
I am going to Honister pass on the Sunday. 3 pm session. to do the Via Ferrata extreme which has been on my tick list for some time. If anyone is interested in joining me please let me know.
Hopefully we would be able to walk with the group during the morning Alan

Carpe Diem!   on 31/08/17 @ 17:25 said:

TrotOn: this sounds wonderful D... only just back from California a few days before and may have a new grandchild so will make a last minute decision. Hope that's ok... J

Shorty   on 04/09/17 @ 11:10 said:

Hi Trot on. I am bringing kayaks again for anyone to use on those days that scrambling and climbing would prove beyond my capabilities.
I can bring stuff for the BBQ too if that's ok? Some flat iron steaks, minted lamb chump chops, and hot smoked salmon from Arbroath, with a grill big enough for everyone and charcoal and a wee drop of good stuff!
Only if it helps though! Rob.

TrotOn   on 06/09/17 @ 10:23 said:

Shorty: Cheers Rob, it's great that you are bringing kayaks and your BBQ meats.
This weekend seems to be evolving into a good group meeting. With the numbers attending, I only hope the weather holds well for us.
I will give details nearer the time, but I am sure we could have a great evening with everyone invited.
Easiest if people bring their things to pop the BBQ. I can provide a large BBQ, wherever we decide to could be lakeshore, or under cover.

Pendle Hill   on 08/09/17 @ 12:30 said:

Anyone staying at Helvellyn youth hostel?

Dale   on 08/09/17 @ 21:00 said:

Sorry to miss this but other plans have cropped up

Indiana Jane   on 12/09/17 @ 19:57 said:

I think I'll be staying at the Gillside Campsite. I tried to book into their bunkhouse but it is full for that weekend.

CathyandDavid   on 13/09/17 @ 20:50 said:

I am intending to join the big walk on the Saturday and then lead an easier one on the Sunday (after the clocks go back so no late nights!)around Glencoyne, Sheffield Pike area. Will post details soon.

going4gold   on 14/09/17 @ 6:16 said:

My flights are 19-26 so does work and looks like a great weekend . Will chat to Lizzie re accommodation

Hotlegs   on 19/09/17 @ 11:19 said:

Hi Rob. As you know I will be in the Lakes that weekend with my friend and our 3 teenage sons. So if that's ok with other members would like to meet up for a walk and maybe your famous BBQ. We are staying in Ambleside but can easily come over Kirskstone to join you?

Hotlegs   on 19/09/17 @ 11:21 said:

And as you know my second home is the Lakes so can suggest and lead various walks depending on people's capabilities��

Shorty   on 23/09/17 @ 22:55 said:

Cheers Hotlegs, it'll be great to see you, and you lads, but this is not my "show", it's down to TrotOn to agree any details, so please check with him first. He is bringing a BBQ, so I will bring a few bits of meat to throw on it!
And kayaks too, of course.
I am sure new members will always be welcomed as I was. This is a great bunch of people. Rob.

lizzied   on 28/09/17 @ 17:02 said:

I'm so sorry not to be able to join you now on what I can see will be a great Lakes bash!!
It's all a bit hectic with only returning from Majorca on the Thursday night and needing to fit in a 'Mum run' too!!
I'll hold you to that offer though, David of a guided tour up High Cup Nick!!! Looking forward to it already!!!

TrotOn   on 28/09/17 @ 19:06 said:

lizzied: Thanks for joining in on the Glen Coe weekend, you fitted well into the house and we all enjoyed your company.
High Cup Nick anytime, just let me know.

Happy Gal   on 29/09/17 @ 13:31 said:

will be there!

going4gold   on 29/09/17 @ 15:18 said:

Like Lizzie me too trying to fit too much in
Sounds wonderful and great company
But entered a fell race on the Sunday , have a house warming invite on Sat and my daughter has an equine awards night on Friday - another time . Have fun xx

Hotlegs   on 29/09/17 @ 22:27 said:

Hi TrotOn. I am new to the site and organised a walk recently to the Nine Standards and I am off to the first part of LEJOG next week. I requested on here if I could attend some of the Lakes weekend walks and the BBQ with my friend and our teenage sons?

TrotOn   on 29/09/17 @ 23:06 said:

Hotlegs: Welcome to OD. Have a read through the walk invitations and put your name down on any which take your fancy. The walks will give you plenty of variety to choose from.
The BBQ details will be given nearer the time, depending on the weather. You are most welcome to join us as this is an open invite on OD.

Hotlegs   on 30/09/17 @ 20:47 said:

Thank you TrotOn. Will turn up sometime over the weekend.

Janhk   on 15/10/17 @ 17:29 said:

Sadly, can't join in for the whole weekend as have to be back home for the Sun but hope to see a few people on Fri.

Lazlo Woodbine   on 17/10/17 @ 14:27 said:

Booked a B & B in Trotbeck. Not much more than the YHA and I get a room to myself. Anyone else out this way?

Rick and Viv's Adventures   on 20/10/17 @ 17:36 said:

We would both love to have attended this weekend to meet old and new OD members but our awful working rota stops from doing so. Have fun everyone we hope get one of these OD events one day

Shorty   on 21/10/17 @ 13:02 said:

TrotOn Sorry to be a pain, but I've damaged my shoulder and Achilles' tendon which won't get any better by either heaving kayaks on and off my car, or coming down steep hills, to say nothing of a long drive. So I'll have to cancel I'm afraid.Rob.

TrotOn   on 21/10/17 @ 20:57 said:

Shorty:Sorry Rob. Sounds like you are in pain, rather than being a pain.
Best Wishes for a swift healing process, we'll miss your expertise on the BBQ.

Hotlegs   on 22/10/17 @ 16:50 said:

Really sorry to hear that Rob. I warned you to stop jumping off the wardrobe Get well soon mate I may need you for my next LEJOG stage! TrotOn, can you let me know where the BBQ will be at please as I'm not sure if I can make the walks as have 3 teenagers with me over the weekend but would like to come along to BBQ if thats ok?

Vickster   on 22/10/17 @ 17:32 said:

Reckon I've booked the last bed in The Lakes! I'll join the Saturday walk and head home on Sunday. Looking forward to meeting you all x

Lazlo Woodbine   on 22/10/17 @ 18:09 said:

Anything happening Friday evening. I am staying at the Troutbeck Inn.

TrotOn   on 22/10/17 @ 18:11 said:

Hotlegs: Yes, I will post it on this invite, in the "Paid Up" section later this week, when I know more on the weather conditions.

jo_jo   on 22/10/17 @ 19:42 said:

Lazlo Woodbine: Hi Doug, Rose and I will be in the bar at the Glenridding Hotel Friday evening from about 7. I believe they serve food there until 9pm.

Carpe Diem!   on 22/10/17 @ 21:25 said:

TrotOn: will be there Sat and Sun,Dave. Many thanks for organising. Please could I have my pole back? J

TrotOn   on 23/10/17 @ 9:18 said:

Carpe Diem:The lesson of losing your pole should point you to concentrate more on your surroundings and less on your chatter. The fact you couldn't find the cafe on your own is rather worrying!
My advice.....don't offer to take your Grand Daughter out on your own

taz  on 23/10/17 @ 9:40 said:

I look forward to joining you

Shorty   on 23/10/17 @ 19:53 said:

TrotOn: thank you, and to you Hotlegs, the wardrobes too high to get up now!
Warwickshiregal, and anyone else struggling to find a bed, I cancelled my room at the White Lion for 4 nights, so it might still be available.
Good luck to you all. Have fun!

Carpe Diem!   on 24/10/17 @ 0:53 said:

TrotOn:... it's spelt "granddaughter" Dave

Vickster   on 24/10/17 @ 6:27 said:

Boys and your banter!
Shorty thank you. I do believe I'm in your bed so to speak. They said that someone had cancelled just 10 minutes before I rang. I hope you feel better soon.

Jill18   on 24/10/17 @ 9:04 said:

Wow...this looks like a brilliant OD gathering....have fun guys and stay safe...xx

TrotOn   on 24/10/17 @ 9:10 said:

Jill18: Thanks...feel free to tag along, I'm sure we could find a decent fish and chips for you too

Crap Diem!: I will concentrate on my spelling..might need lessons to control my phone in over-ride mode
Now, was it Pink Floyd?

We don't need no education
We don't need no thought control
No dark sarcasm in the classroom
Teachers leave them kids alone
Hey! Teachers! Leave them kids alone!

I thought you were in retirement?
I will award red pen!!

taz  on 24/10/17 @ 10:24 said:

I'm going to be wild camping for this one nothing like having a gale blowing through your tent makes you feel alive --- just trying to work out which hill to park my skinny on.....

TrotOn   on 24/10/17 @ 10:56 said:

taz:Enjoy your vast choice as I'm sure you know those mountains well. Looking forward to meeting you.

Nikey   on 24/10/17 @ 11:56 said:

Sorry I've had to cancel coming along on this walk..... I hope you get a dry day and some great views.

Indiana Jane   on 24/10/17 @ 13:46 said:

Jo_Jo: I'll probably see you in the Glenridding Hotel bar on Friday too.

Lazlo Woodbine   on 24/10/17 @ 15:07 said:

I J, bring the Ciceronne guide then.

jo_jo   on 24/10/17 @ 19:21 said:

Indiana Jane: That's great Jane....will be good to see you again

Indiana Jane   on 24/10/17 @ 22:06 said:

Doug: Of course I'll bring the book along. I thought you weren't going on this event.

Jill18   on 24/10/17 @ 22:14 said:

Would love to TrotOn...but just had surgery on foot..look fwd to healing and getting out again xx

TrotOn   on 24/10/17 @ 22:20 said:

Jill, my apologies as Dawn did say about your op. Best Wishes for a good recovery.

Carpe Diem!   on 25/10/17 @ 1:28 said:

TrotOn: sorry to have touched a nerve

TrotOn   on 25/10/17 @ 8:56 said:

Carpe Diem: You didn't touch any nerve!
All in jest

Lazlo Woodbine   on 25/10/17 @ 20:27 said:

I J, changed my mind, gentleman's perogative.

Jill18   on 25/10/17 @ 23:36 said:

Thankyou TrotOn....x

Shorty   on 26/10/17 @ 12:30 said:

Warwickshiregal: glad you found "my" bed!
Wishing I was still going to be using it now!
Have a great weekend��

DebbieJ   on 26/10/17 @ 13:30 said:

What an amazing takeup David! Have a fab weekend everyone...keep safe x

M1960   on 26/10/17 @ 20:35 said:

TrotOn: I would be interested in a high-level walk on Monday. Hopefully I will see you on Friday's Helvellyn walk – I look forward to meeting you... Mark.

Lazlo Woodbine   on 27/10/17 @ 22:43 said:

So what are directions to barbecue.

Lazlo Woodbine   on 27/10/17 @ 22:47 said:

Found them now.

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