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I have met a very special lady through this site. Thank-you for your help
Barry M 

It was a great experience to join OD back in April 2016 and meet some very nice like-minded people; I enjoyed some amazing walks that I would otherwise never discovered.

I met M on the site about 2 years ago and we are now about to move in together. I keep recommending people to OD as it's been fantastic and I've loved being part of the 'family'.Thank you for everything.Vee

Found a partner
Lorna burton 

I have found someone and we are getting along very well. I am pleased I heard about your Site from a friend as I consider it to be a good genuine site for finding someone compatible. Many thanks

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Yes - definitely: Lazlo Woodbine, going4gold, lizzied, Mountain_Mouse, Walking On
Yes - maybe: Love life!, SueB, Rosie. B, Northern Walker
Sorry - can't come: Northern Soul, top_spot (john), TrotOn, PeteK, Peak Rambler, Helvellyn40, Maz, Pebbles(Bea), Spring, Bionic Man, Sandgrounder

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Helvellyn40   on 04/06/17 @ 11:04 said:

Sorry Cathy, can't make this walk due to work,a great area that i would like to explore.

Dale   on 04/06/17 @ 18:09 said:

This is lovely walking country, I would have if I could have but I am working

lizzied   on 04/06/17 @ 18:57 said:

I'm ok for a Howgills walk on Monday and it'll be great to catch up with you again Cathy!

Spring   on 05/06/17 @ 9:11 said:

I don't go over there enough despite the 20min so happy to be encouraged!

Sandgrounder   on 05/06/17 @ 9:55 said:

Hi.only just joined up and spotted this one. I'd love to come work permitting. Haven't been on the Howgills for years.

CathyandDavid   on 08/06/17 @ 17:08 said:

Looking forward to meeting friends old and new in my new patch!

going4gold   on 11/06/17 @ 20:15 said:

Will be my day of arrival so meet you there

Lazlo Woodbine   on 01/07/17 @ 19:24 said:

Right put a definite but if I am not there at the appointed time do not wait. It will be because my [lantar fasciitis is playng me up frpm the previous day. Sedbergh school used to be one of my clients.

CathyandDavid   on 03/07/17 @ 10:44 said:

I'll keep the walk to a reasonable length as I know some of you are doing a lot that week. I know the area very well, so can always re- route if people are in pain!

Pebbles(Bea)   on 31/07/17 @ 13:21 said:

Cathy50 It looks like a very interesting route,what a shame I cant make this one

Maz   on 09/08/17 @ 14:09 said:

If anyone else is coming over from Ambleside perhaps we could travel together?

Lazlo Woodbine   on 10/08/17 @ 9:38 said:

I am in the YHA at Ambleside Maz. Save the planet, save fuel, save money.

Walking On   on 10/08/17 @ 11:15 said:

I'll be travelling from Ambleside YHA too, happy to car share.

Mountain_Mouse   on 13/08/17 @ 11:03 said:

Hopefully I'll wake up in time to drive down from Edinburgh in the morning.
Will text if I cannot make it

CathyandDavid   on 13/08/17 @ 17:39 said:

Weather forecast is a bit iffy, so bring your waterproofs!

TrotOn   on 13/08/17 @ 20:01 said:

Cathy, I hope to see you and David on a walk shortly. I still have your walking pole. My dog is tired after two days of walking with OD and the weather looks to be changing for the worse.

Spring   on 13/08/17 @ 20:32 said:

Hi Cathy, I'm not going to join you after all, my dog is tired too so I've also decided to rest her. She took a bashing from another dog recently and not totally fit yet. Sorry not to take this opportunity to meet you but hope we can do so soon . Have a good day

Maz   on 13/08/17 @ 21:02 said:

Sorry Cathy. I'm also "dog tired" after two days walking, so I will be awaiting butler service back in Ambleside. Catch you again sometime.

going4gold   on 13/08/17 @ 21:48 said:

I ll definitely be there
See you in the morning

CathyandDavid   on 13/08/17 @ 21:49 said:

Sorry to miss some of you, but realise you had long walk today. Howgills weather is rarely as bad as the Lakes so those who are coming can be optimistic. I have a plan B walk in case!

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