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I have been in a relationship for 2 years now with someone that I met through the site! It is a great site, so thank you for the friends that I have made and the great times that I have had as a result of it.

Hi Steve. Thanks for letting me have a reasonable experience at an affordable price. I have been very fortunate to have found a really lovely man!
Grand Western 

Thanks, you have a great site and it helped me find what I was looking for within a short time. Best wishes and keep up the good work.

Met someone gorgeous- on here Thanks

I have only been on this site for 3 wks & I have met some lovely people. I have met someone really special. It is a great way to meet like minded souls.

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Yes - definitely: Aysha, Happysoul77, Dave., Janhk
Yes - maybe: Wysiwyg
Sorry - can't come: AnnieS, Elderflower, Montie, Peregrina, catwalker, lizzied, Bike and Boat

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AnnieS   on 03/05/17 @ 8:01 said:

Oh! Shame just realised this clashes with my brother-in-laws 60th birthday celebration. Sounds great!

Dave.   on 03/05/17 @ 11:42 said:

What a shame Annie. It"s been too long since we walked together on our green and pleasant land.

Montie   on 26/05/17 @ 8:05 said:

If cricket cancelled otherwise sadly a no - have a great day!

Aysha   on 28/05/17 @ 10:26 said:

It looks like it may just be the 2 of us Dave. I have put it in my calendar, so no chance of forgetting.

Happysoul77   on 03/06/17 @ 20:57 said:

Hi Dave, is Balcombe the closest train station? Thanks for letting me know.


Dave.   on 04/06/17 @ 9:26 said:

Hello Katia, Haywards Heath is the closest station to the start of the walk. I'm happy to pick you up at the station if that helps.

Happysoul77   on 05/06/17 @ 11:28 said:

Thanks Dave, that would be much appreciated . I may take someone along as well, but I'll let you know closer to the time.

lizzied   on 07/06/17 @ 23:03 said:

Sorry Dave- we're celebrating my Mum's 90th that weekend! Have fun x

Janhk   on 11/06/17 @ 12:18 said:

Thought I'd better be a definite Dave

catwalker   on 13/06/17 @ 19:17 said:

Ditto Jan

Elderflower   on 14/06/17 @ 15:15 said:

All the ladies again Dave. You'll get a name for yourself!

Happysoul77   on 16/06/17 @ 13:57 said:

Hi Dave, what time are we starting? So that I'll check my train timetable. Thank you ��

Dave.   on 17/06/17 @ 7:14 said:

Hello Katia. We aim to meet at 10. The station is only about 5 mins or so from the start so ideally you would catch a train that arrives about 9.45. If you are bringing a friend then one of you would need to sit in the back of my car with my dog, or I could ask if someone else could help to collect you both

Happysoul77   on 17/06/17 @ 23:13 said:

Hi Dave, my train will reach Haywards Heath at 9.29. And don't worry, even if I take someone along I'll sit in the back with the dogs 'cause I love them! Also, if you need some help dog-sitting your 2 furry babies on the day I volunteer .

Dave.   on 19/06/17 @ 6:52 said:

Ok Katia, I will meet you just outside the front of the station at 9.30

H&B   on 19/06/17 @ 17:22 said:

Only if it was on a weekend when i'm off but not so

Wysiwyg    on 19/06/17 @ 18:31 said:

Hi Dave I'm really sorry but I can't come on your walk. Hopefully I'll see you soon!

Janhk   on 22/06/17 @ 21:09 said:

Boating sounds good fun but can we decide on the day

Dave.   on 23/06/17 @ 7:39 said:

I agree Jan, I think it depends on the weather

Montie   on 23/06/17 @ 13:23 said:

Sadly cricket is on - see you soon and have a great day!

Aysha   on 23/06/17 @ 19:07 said:

I will have to see time wise, I have a party in the evening and need lots of time to prepare.

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