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I have met a very special lady through this site. Thank-you for your help
Barry M 

It was a great experience to join OD back in April 2016 and meet some very nice like-minded people; I enjoyed some amazing walks that I would otherwise never discovered.

I met M on the site about 2 years ago and we are now about to move in together. I keep recommending people to OD as it's been fantastic and I've loved being part of the 'family'.Thank you for everything.Vee

Found a partner
Lorna burton 

I have found someone and we are getting along very well. I am pleased I heard about your Site from a friend as I consider it to be a good genuine site for finding someone compatible. Many thanks

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Yes - definitely: trekkie, Helvellyn40, Indiana Jane, Jen1613, Aspiring, Shaza , jo_jo, Rachael 234, M1960, mirador, ges, StephenJohn, Bigfoot, Ridgewalker, Alive in the hills
Yes - maybe: stvnhart, SueX, Camino Queen, wanderer47, life's an adventure, Happiest in the hills, Francesca
Sorry - can't come: Mountain_Mouse, iansmyname.....orisitjohn?, bobfromthehill, deblyn, catwalker, Kate H, Jo1, Pebbles(Bea), Janhk

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Ridgewalker   on 07/04/17 @ 22:02 said:

a fine collection of ridges indeedy

deblyn   on 08/04/17 @ 17:19 said:

Looking forward to it M3
Love Betws-y-coed so will have a look at accommodation and keep an eye on here. Fingers crossed for perfect walking weather. Sunny but cool!!

mattsmyname   on 08/04/17 @ 18:38 said:

Wish I could Catherine, you'll have a great time.

Camino Queen   on 08/04/17 @ 19:47 said:

HI I so lurve my best as sounds amazing.

deblyn   on 08/04/17 @ 20:22 said:

Hi M3, on my journey down South at the end of May I'm stopping off to do 'Go Below - Ultimate Xtreme' with a friend. It looks so good, I may book to do it again after your walks. Or the day before. It's not cheap, but sounds worth it. Be nice to have company if anyone's interested?

stvnhart   on 08/04/17 @ 20:33 said:


wanderer47   on 08/04/17 @ 21:12 said:

One of my favourite areas.Hope I can join you just started a new contract in the Cardiff area,will decide later.

iansmyname.....orisitjohn?   on 09/04/17 @ 18:30 said:

Hi Catherine. Are you thinking Snowdon Horseshoe Saturday (weather allowing) and Moel Siabod (east ridge??)Sunday? Diary allowing that could be a possibility

M3   on 09/04/17 @ 21:47 said:

Ian: Yep could do that. Only need a really good day for the Snowdon Horseshoe. We won't get lost on the other Horseshoe but it is quite a tough walk.

M3   on 10/04/17 @ 22:39 said:

The Vagabond states that breakfast is compulsory at weekends,?25 or ?31 with dinner as well, not at the same time. I felt this to be a bit steep. I'll contact Bens Bunkhouse and the Conwy Bunkhouse at Tal Y Bont, virtually the start of The Cwm Eigiau Horsheshoe. There's about a half hr drive between the two Horsheshoe walks. I'm checking out the Bryn Conwy this weekend but they don't have all 3 nights available, but I'll double check. Wish I could manage camping but that's simply a step too far!

M3   on 10/04/17 @ 22:52 said:

Crib Goch Felt The Fear: Be great if you can make it as we can all follow you as you've already done the knife edge. I've only done it once.
Ridgewalker: Have you danced across this one before? If so it may be you two at the front lol.
Wanderer47: be fab if you can join us.
Mirador: Yes, brill, fingers crossed for half decent weather. At least we shouldn't be stuck in the dark!
Trekkie, Deblyn, Aspiring: Good stuff
Mattsmyname: Never mind although it's a damn shame. You can't do everything. Another time and good luck with your Snowdon run.

M3   on 11/04/17 @ 20:16 said:

I have found available accommodation, at the Siabod Longhouse, Capel Curig. It's ?18 pppn. It's requires a minimum of 5 people to secure the place for sole use. Their website looks good. Are there 5 people who can commit please to Thurs, Fri and Sat nights. It's a self catering bunkhouse with nearby pub!
Bens bunkhouse has no availability on the above dates but does for the following week. It's ?15 pppn.
I could make something for one night, one night we could go to the pub but don't have to, to keep costs down and we could cook another night.
Please could I have your thoughts.
Many thanks.

catwalker   on 11/04/17 @ 21:08 said:

It's a year almost to the day since I was last in Snowdonia and I'd love to return in warmer weather. So tempted with this one

mirador   on 11/04/17 @ 23:14 said:

The Siabod looks fine M3, good find! Happy to commit to that and to a communal cook up or two! Off the fence with you catwalker, you know its God's country up there!

M3   on 12/04/17 @ 7:57 said:

Mirador: fabulous, must just wait to see the colour of the money of the definites and I'll call the lady back

ges   on 12/04/17 @ 11:51 said:

Hello M3. I would like to put myself down as a definite for the walks and the bunkhouse please. These will be my first walks on the site, i think you have chosen three very good ones. Can you let me know how to pay and any other details please. Look forward to meeting every one, Ges

catwalker   on 12/04/17 @ 14:25 said:

Thanks for the encouragement Mirador, I was only leaning against it, honest. Ok, I'm in Catherine, please let me know how I pay for bed in the bunkhouse. Thanks for organising it

M3   on 12/04/17 @ 14:25 said:

Hi Ges: That's great. I will give out my bank details for payment once I have 2 more definites for The Siabod Longhouse. Looking forward to it. Cheers

M3   on 12/04/17 @ 14:28 said:

Catwalker: fabulous someone who's done it before. I'll send details soon. Best wishes. Catherine

Hi all: The accommodation has 10 beds plus 2 others cld squeeze in apparently.

catwalker   on 12/04/17 @ 14:33 said:

oh yes, that old chestnut

catwalker   on 12/04/17 @ 14:35 said:

Be lovely to meet you M3

Helvellyn40   on 12/04/17 @ 19:43 said:

Would like to do the Snowdon horseshoe as it's years since i did it,but work may get in the way.
I will decide nearer the time.

M3   on 12/04/17 @ 20:33 said:

Have left msg with lady at Siabod Longhouse saying I'd like to book it. So I'll pay tmrw. I'll send msgs to Catwalker, Mirador, Ges with my bank details. So 4 of us so far for the accommodation. Brill.
Helvellyn40: It would be great if you could make it. Don't worry about work. I've only done that one once, a lifetime ago. Take care.
Catwalker: Be lovely to meet you too. Ones things for sure, we shouldn't get lost in the dark. Trust me.

catwalker   on 12/04/17 @ 21:48 said:

Hi M3, let's hope not (though it might add to the fun!)
I've arranged for the transfer of ?54 to your account and looking forward to it

Indiana Jane   on 12/04/17 @ 21:51 said:

M3: The Siabod Longhouse looks lovely. Count me in as a definite. Send me your bank details and I'll pay up. There is a restaurant just over the river that does pizzas in a proper wood-fired oven that I've wanted to try.

M3   on 12/04/17 @ 22:03 said:

IJ: Brill, good stuff, cheers

M3   on 13/04/17 @ 16:41 said:

Catwalker: many thanks for payment.
Mirador: many thanks for payment.

M3   on 15/04/17 @ 21:36 said:

mikecr1967: Good evening. After careful consideration of the numbers who definitely want accommodation and a VIP reservation I can say you can come too. Welcome. I have been away and busy with work so sorry the reply wasn't instantaneous then. I will forward details for payment via private message. Hope you're feeling fit. Enjoy!

Jen1613   on 16/04/17 @ 0:23 said:

M3 - thank you for putting this on - I'll change to a definite please if there's a bunk available - can you message the bank details please. Thanks

M3   on 16/04/17 @ 7:14 said:

Jen1613: Hi yes I'll send them now. Should be a good few days. Looking forward to meeting you.

jo_jo   on 16/04/17 @ 13:40 said:

M3: Nice meeting you yesterday - I would really like to do the Snowdon Horseshoe so put myself down as a definite and will look for b&b nearby. Thanks

Shaza    on 16/04/17 @ 23:13 said:

Hi I am looking to get back into OD life so I am in and can also stay in the Bunkhouse if that is still available?? Shaza

M3   on 16/04/17 @ 23:16 said:

Jo_Jo: Good stuff, brill. I have emailed the lady who owns the bunkhouse to ask prices and availability of B & b accommodation at the main house. They offer that to. May or may not be suitable but I'll let you know more when I get a reply. Also there's a b & b called Bron Eryri, Capel Curig which may be worth enquiring at. Are you staying for 3 nights? It'll be good. Cheers

M3   on 16/04/17 @ 23:28 said:

Hi 10 spaces have been taken, incl. those that have paid or said they are about to and 2 being held. The other definites above pls indicate if you need one of the two remaining spaces, which would be a z bed or similar now. However there are other options for accommodation locally.
Shaza: Hi I have included you in the above 10, so welcome back and I will send you a msg with payment details. Cheers

Kate H   on 17/04/17 @ 15:26 said:

i am interested if there's still space but couldn't arrive until friday evening

M3   on 17/04/17 @ 17:08 said:

Kate H: For you Kate anything. Done. I'll msg bank details.

Shaza    on 17/04/17 @ 21:58 said:

Heh Catherine thanks for the message. I am also possibly not arriving until the Friday eve but will see what I can do with work

jo_jo   on 18/04/17 @ 9:42 said:

Hi Catherine… Many thanks for the information, but I will only be doing the Snowdon walk so just need a 1 night stay. I guess you won’t know which day this walk will be until nearer the time.

Louise - living life   on 18/04/17 @ 19:47 said:

sorry cant make this as heading to the south of france to learn out to wakeboard and waterski! another time

M3   on 18/04/17 @ 22:43 said:

jo_jo: Hi. We could say Sat for The Snowdon Horseshoe but may change due to weather conditions. It depends on cloud base, windy or wet weather. Strong winds would make Crib Goch dangerous and wet weather would make the rocks potentially lethal. But fingers crossed let's hope it's fine.
We could do The Cwm Eigiau Horseshoe Fri, starting earlyish and lovely Moel Siabod Sunday.

M3   on 19/04/17 @ 14:02 said:

Louise-living life: never mind, yep another time

Ridgewalker   on 19/04/17 @ 14:16 said:

unless its a hurricane then the ridges are my path to dance along should be fun

jo_jo   on 19/04/17 @ 14:56 said:

Many thanks Catherine... will bear that in mind.

ges   on 19/04/17 @ 16:05 said:

Hello. Yes I am a carnivore and will chew the leg, fin, wing off of most things. But am happy to eat vegetables. So whatever you make will be appreciated. Would you like me to bring any extras or a pudding?

M3   on 19/04/17 @ 16:26 said:

ges: That's very kind but I'll just get some garlic bread and salad to go with it and something for after. But it perhaps would be good for those that wish to consume alcohol to choose and bring their own.
Also if this is ok with everyone I'll bring pgtips, Nescaf?,sugar and green and blue milk so we don't have ten thousand varieties on the side and we can split the bill. All other food items people can bring their own.
I do hope the weather is kind. Heat exhaustion could be a serious consideration, having been close once or twice. I might bring a cloth, head band thing that you can dunk in a cold stream and put on your neck and a cap

mirador   on 19/04/17 @ 18:50 said:

Happy to eat anything - thanks for organising food M3.

catwalker   on 19/04/17 @ 18:57 said:

Thanks for organising this Catherine and please let me know if there's anything I can bring. Otherwise very happy to contribute to the food kitty. Looking forward to this ��

Jen1613   on 19/04/17 @ 22:07 said:

Very happy with your arrangements - thank you
I'm not veggie! Let me know if you want to divide cooking further

Ridgewalker   on 20/04/17 @ 15:07 said:

Hi Catherine, yes i have danced along Crib Goch several times. its going to be very busy at the week end even if wet and rainy. so a good balance of experienced ridge dancers and willing newcomers to the ridges would be favourable.. looks like i shall be squeezing in this visit between my work-ends-- arrive later on Friday depart midway Sat will be my only full day..

i shall plant my Van beside a mountain somewhere

Ridgewalker   on 20/04/17 @ 15:20 said:

Deblyn you will love 'Go Below - Ultimate Xtreme' its great fun and value... and there is a new one starting in June as well.. 'Go Below - Hero Xtreme' im looking fwd to getting that one booked in somewhen...

it will be good to catch up and meet new faces

M3   on 20/04/17 @ 21:02 said:

Ridgewalker: Cheers can't tell you how much confidence that gives me. We're in good hands. I expect to see the cha cha cha then

Kate H   on 21/04/17 @ 18:34 said:

Hi Catherine. Please send me your bank details so I can settle up with you...Thanks x

M3   on 21/04/17 @ 19:27 said:

Hi Kate, I did on 17 April but I'll do it again. Brill that you're going.

Kate H   on 22/04/17 @ 11:16 said:

All paid up....

Rachael 234   on 24/04/17 @ 0:07 said:

Hi, If there's still room in the bunkhouse I'd like to join you for this?

M3   on 24/04/17 @ 12:08 said:

Rachael 234: I'm very sorry but all spaces have been taken. However if one becomes available you'll be the first to know. Best wishes. Catherine

Shaza    on 26/04/17 @ 22:20 said:

Hi Catherine sorry been ill ��. Have I missed a bed now?? Let me know so I can get the payment to you...thanks. Shaza ��

M3   on 26/04/17 @ 23:47 said:

Shaza: No a bed has been saved for you, you were one of the chosen few. Hope you're feeling better now, there's no time for illness, there's mountains to train for. Hope you can stay Thurs and so do The Cwm Eigiau Horseshoe Friday, no worries if not. I'll msg bank details tomorrow. Take care.

M3   on 27/04/17 @ 22:13 said:

Mikecr1967: Hi are you attending the Snowdonia thing?
Aspiring: Are you attending the Snowdonia thing pls?

Cheers both if you could have a little think and let me know soon and pay that would be fab. Cheers

M3   on 01/05/17 @ 21:15 said:

Shaza, Aspiring and Mikecr1967: Please could you clarify whether you still require a bed, as per your private messages, as there's somebody else interested in a space. Many thanks. I'll give you 24 hrs.

M3   on 02/05/17 @ 19:06 said:

Rachael 234: It looks like a space is available so you'd be very welcome to have it. I'll send you a msg later, after the said 24 hrs is up, just in case. Two of the walks are incredibly tough, well for me anyway and Moel Siabod is really a half day thing. You may wish to look up the Cwm Eigiau Horseshoe and The Snowdon Horseshoe. The walks all involve scrambling but if you've done some two of the walks are easy scrambling, but it's relative to experience. Are you vegetarian at all? I was for 15 years once, no longer, I gave in and feel so much more alive!! Anyway Hasta luega amiga

Shaza    on 03/05/17 @ 22:04 said:

Hi Catherine I am sorry for the lack of contact.. have I missed the boat now? No worries if I have as I have dithered. ping me and let me know and if so then silly me!!

Shaza    on 03/05/17 @ 22:44 said:

Hi Catherine all paid up now so look forward to the weekend. I might be able to get there for the Thursday night work depending. I will let you know for sure. p.s. I am a veggie so let me know if I need to bring rabbit food!!

M3   on 03/05/17 @ 22:59 said:

Shaza: Fab, I'm making Lasagne for Thurs night but can do a veggie one too. I'm bringing salad garlic bread and tea coffee sugar and milk so it's breakfast and packed lunch stuff you need and anything else like alcohol, if you wish. One night Jane would like to try the real oven pizzas, baked nearby which sounds good and we could go to a nearby pub or cook on the third night. It will be great I'm sure. There's only parking for two cars but plenty very close by. Hope to catch the bus to Pen y pass and walk from the digs up Siabod so may only use cars to get to Tal y bont, start of Cwm Eigiau which has a few steep hairpins in it driving 4 miles up a tiny road! We'll car share. Cheers

Rachael 234   on 04/05/17 @ 7:34 said:

Hi, I'm also fully paid up. I hope there's still room after reading the other messages here. Not veggie. Any problems then private message me.See you in June.

M3   on 04/05/17 @ 8:15 said:

Hi Rachael
Brill, fab yep you're in. Party time. Look forward to meeting you. Best wishes

M3   on 08/05/17 @ 18:04 said:

Hi all, Ive booked in Pen y pass youth hostel mon spring bank holiday night and intend to walk the Snowdon Horseshoe early Monday or possibly Tues, depending on weather, driving back Tues evening. If anyone is crazy enough to want to do it twice feel free to join me. I wish to explore different scramble routes up Crib Goch.

Helvellyn40   on 09/05/17 @ 20:48 said:

M3: Too much on at present to join you at spring bank holiday, hope some others join you Catherine.

Indiana Jane   on 11/05/17 @ 18:02 said:

I did Crib Goch on Sunday on a perfect warm, sunny, dry, windless day and it seemed much less scary than it sometimes does. Do take care though Catherine.

M3   on 12/05/17 @ 18:33 said:

IJ: Good stuff, bet it was fabulous. We've got a window of a few days, surely one could be like that!! Cheers I will take care

Ridgewalker   on 13/05/17 @ 1:33 said:

perfect warm, sunny, dry, windless day, a very rare occasion Jane, actually my first time up was that and since then its been Hoz winds sleet ice rain all in Snowdonia summer...

trekkie  on 18/05/17 @ 11:26 said:

Hi , sorry I have been quiet.
I still intend to join you. If any accommodation does become available please let me know. In the meantime I will look for alternatives nearby.
Looking forward to it...

M3   on 18/05/17 @ 12:22 said:

Trekkie: great you're very welcome. I will let you know if a space becomes available. There's lots of accommodation in Betws y coed and surrounding areas, it depends whether a bunkhouse is adequate and how far you are prepared to rough it.

M3   on 19/05/17 @ 14:31 said:

Hi All: I have just spoken with a lady from Express Motors, who run the S2 bus service to Pen y pass and she says it is a big bus and they're used to big groups and that potentially 14 wouldn't be a problem. The bus stop is just 100 metres down the lane to the main road she said. It is due at 9.22 am but if we're a bit early it wouldn't hurt. All we need now is a Sherpa service for the actual walks.

M1960   on 19/05/17 @ 17:48 said:

Sherpa M3: You are obviously fit enough to carry everyone’s gear, which I’m sure would be greatly appreciated. I have a very large H-frame rucksack you could use.

M3   on 19/05/17 @ 19:28 said:

M1960: Flattery will get you nowhere.

M3   on 20/05/17 @ 17:01 said:

Ges and Aspiring: The bank holiday Monday weather looks good, although it could change. Are you both ok to meet at the Pen y pass car park at 8 am please? It will be mega busy I think so I'll try and be there much earlier, in order to park. The next day I'd like to get to grips with the Heather on the Cwm Eigiau Horseshoe. No worries if you can no longer make it.Cheers

M3   on 21/05/17 @ 17:28 said:

I have discovered that the cafe on the top of Snowdon does not give out tap water, as it all has to be taken up. I don't know if stopping at the cafe will be necessary or not, but think we should carry all food and drink requirements for the day, at least 6 hours, in our rucksacks (at least 2 litres to drink). I am struggling to find a sensible Sherpa service anywhere, which is a shame. Anyway I'll keep looking

ges   on 22/05/17 @ 9:27 said:

Hello. Eek, I will have to get up before I go to bed. What time will you have to get to the car park for a space? Happy to walk any route no matter the weather. Ges.

M3   on 22/05/17 @ 16:20 said:

Ges: I will message you, via Morse.

Maz   on 22/05/17 @ 21:52 said:

The car park fills up really early, particularly on bank holiday weekends when the forecast is good!

Maz   on 22/05/17 @ 21:54 said:

Hope to join you over this weekend Catherine. Will either travel over each morning or crash in the car if can't be bothered to go home.

M3   on 22/05/17 @ 23:33 said:

Maz: Great look forward to seeing you but don't crash Maz for gods sake! Treat yourself to a B & B, I'm in the Vagabond Sun night and pen y pass youth hostel mon night. You'll be worn out after all that partying on Dartmoor. Anyway weather forecast is good for Bank holiday, touch wood. Intend to start at 8, but I'll keep my eye on the forecast every day. Mondays the better day so far.

StephenJohn   on 23/05/17 @ 12:46 said:

M3 :i'm planning on using Dolgam campsite nearby on A5 if anyone else requires same, its ?6pppn with all mod cons, though inevitable road noise. Nearest pub for Sat meal out perhaps is the Tyn-y-Coed Inn[one with stagecoach outside]. Bryn Tyrch Inn further on in Capel is very good but you pay more ! Anybody's birthday wend...

Stephen   on 25/05/17 @ 9:52 said:

Hello Catherine, I've been intending to return to Snowdonia for a few years, so I will join you for some/all of your three walks. If a space becomes available at the bunkhouse due to a late cancellation I would be happy to take that, otherwise I will find alternative accommodation.

Also, I may drive down to Snowdonia early Thursday morning 15 th June and do Tryfan, Bristly Ridge etc. from Idwal Cottage if anyone would be interested in that?

M3   on 25/05/17 @ 14:43 said:

Stephen: Great, I'll let u no if one becomes available. Good luck with your Trfan walk.

deblyn   on 25/05/17 @ 18:25 said:

Hello Catherine, I'm so disappointed but it's looking very unlikely that I'll be able to make this. My mum has been unwell and I'm looking after her 24/7. If things change, I'll let you know and join you on the walks if that's okay. I had accommodation booked and a day on the Ultimate Extreme, but have passed them onto a very happy friend!!!
Have a fab day on the hills, hope it's not too hot!!!
Ps I'm rebooking UE and Hero for September if anyone is up for it.

StephenJohn   on 26/05/17 @ 12:08 said:

Accom Info. in Betsw i can recom the BC Bunkhouse ie Bryn Conwy has space on Fri & Sun but not Sat currently. Its on the road behind Londis store LL24 0AD.Friendly couple who run it worth a visit & by the way Oliver is looking to sell the business this year so any investors out there ?

M3   on 26/05/17 @ 22:37 said:

Phoned Bryn Glo guest house and cafe today, who have a proper outside pizza oven, in Capel Curig. The dearest pizza is ?10 and ?8.50 for the cheapest. They close at 8 pm, but would stay open longer for us if I just let them know numbers in advance so they've got plenty of ingredients. Would you all like to try this Sat night or Fri night and how about either the Tyn-Y-Coed or Bryn Tyrch Inn for the other night. I should probably try and book a table sometime soon, next weekish.

M3   on 26/05/17 @ 22:59 said:

Ges and Maz and anyone who would like to recce the two Horseshoes: There is some uncertainty in the weather forecast still but I think on balance, get it, Tues may be preferable to do Crib Goch. I have nothing against mist it would just be better to actually see it I think? So I'll check tmrw am and after work and see what you think

Jen1613   on 27/05/17 @ 20:33 said:

Hi Catherine - very happy with your choice of eateries- thanks for planning it

jo_jo   on 27/05/17 @ 21:11 said:

Hi Catherine are you going for a meal straight after the walk Saturday or are you eating later on? Many thanks for arranging ��

M3   on 28/05/17 @ 11:09 said:

Jojo: well I'm easy. If people would rather have a pizza after getting of the bus that would make sense, as I don't think that's going to be early. I read that one should allow between 6 to 10 hours for the Snowdon Horseshoe, but hopefully we'll see in the next two days. If it does take two days I may not want to do it again anyway.
Also we'll all be in the same boat, the great unwashed!! But saying that I'm sure if people did want showers first we could smuggle you in. The whole showering thing will be a rather long process as there's only 2.

M3   on 29/05/17 @ 6:24 said:

Weather is too dodgy to do Snowdon Horseshoe today, fingers crossed for tmrw.

jo_jo   on 29/05/17 @ 9:36 said:

M3: Shame about the weather today, but fingers crossed tomorrow is better. As I will be straight driving home afterwards, would be happy to join you if it's an early meal.

M3   on 31/05/17 @ 12:07 said:

An interesting and occasionally enlightening recce in mist of both Horsheshoes. Eternally beautiful and magnificent these mountains must never be underestimated. Many thanks to my lickle gazelle Ges who endured it well and was very good at coming down, nuff respect!
The use of insect repellent is highly recommended as I've been eaten alive. Crib Goch is too dangerous for dogs and the scramble up the slab on the Cwm Eigiau looks difficult for dogs; we couldn't find a safe alternative. There are severe drops on both walks.
I'd like to book a pub meal for Friday night at 8 ish if people would like to do that. I just need numbers please.

mirador   on 31/05/17 @ 18:30 said:

Glad you made it around safely How long did it take to do Snowdon? Yes please for the pub Friday

M3   on 31/05/17 @ 19:23 said:

A long time as we got lost twice. 6-7 ish hours is average I am told. A fabulous walk, hard to arduous, Crib Goch is severe, not for anyone without scrambling experience nor the faint hearted. The Pyg track is an alternative up to Snowdon, or down back to Pen y Pass, for that matter. By all intents Crib Goch is climbing (perhaps not technically but in everyday terms). The mist blocked the views, so you couldn't tell how high you were, therefore that took the edge off! I think jelly legs would be more typical. The knife edge was shorter than I'd imagined. The pinnacles, which we climbed over, yes, were more of a problem, you can go round them instead. The cafe is a blessing for our own lunche

M3   on 31/05/17 @ 19:41 said:

s. Then it's way down the Watkin path (the safest way to go!), before reaching a cairn marking the way back up to Y Lliwedd, more scrambling and huffing and puffing. Not too bad afterwards, a bit of using hands though coming down, quite steep actually in places and wet rocks to negotiate (I'd rather go up all day). Then the end appears much quicker than it looks, following the Miners path.
The Pen Y Pass youth hostel is very good and clean and Mallory's cafe is open to the public. We'll be planning Everest base camp next!! Ges has been

M3   on 31/05/17 @ 19:49 said:

To all the ladies and chaps I have discovered that you can catch the sun in mist and bad weather too, incredible.

ges   on 01/06/17 @ 1:47 said:

A cracking couple of days spent with Catherine, she is a very good walking partner. The two walks we did were every bit as good as she promised, look forward to doing them again along with the third. Hopefully the weather will improve and we can enjoy some of the fantastic views that are there to be had. I think we may have different opinions on who was the gazelle, I believe I was more a lumbering mammoth.

Alive in the hills   on 01/06/17 @ 19:57 said:

A lot of effort has been put into organising this weekend. I'm looking forward to it. Yes please to joining in dinner on Friday and Saturday evenings. On Thursday I shall arrive too late for lasagne.

M3   on 01/06/17 @ 21:01 said:

Alive in the hills: You are welcome. It'll be awesome.

Shaza    on 03/06/17 @ 18:16 said:

Hi Catherine I am going to book the Friday 16th off from work so I am hoping to be able to join you on the walk. Atm I need to cancel my work on Thursday eve.
So: food is yes to the meals on Friday and on Saturday and I will aim to get back to you pronto re the Thursday night. I am excited and nervous at the same time!!

M3   on 03/06/17 @ 19:12 said:

Shaza: Hi no need to be nervous just enjoy. Look forward to meeting you.

M3   on 04/06/17 @ 7:19 said:

Shaza: I have sent you a message regarding walks.

Shaza    on 08/06/17 @ 22:30 said:

Hi Catherine just to say that I will be joining you on the Thursday eve and I am off on the Friday!! Hurrah. See you on Thursday

M3   on 09/06/17 @ 16:55 said:

Currently the weather forecast for next weekend is very good, so protection from the sun and heat may be a bigger consideration (having nearly succumbed to heat exhaustion on Elidir Fawr I can say it comes on very suddenly. Sun hats and cream would be a good idea. Looking forward to some great walking.

Maz   on 11/06/17 @ 15:11 said:

Let's keep our fingers crossed. Today have been forced to abandon the mountains in 50mph winds and torrential rain but next weekend will be another story.

M3   on 12/06/17 @ 20:09 said:

Pls could everyone bring their own towels too. I think it'll be fine to park outside bunkhouse whilst you drop off your luggage, as there'll be boots, rucksacks, hold-alls, food items and more. I'll get the valet to move them later

StephenJohn   on 12/06/17 @ 20:55 said:

Also would like to eat out both Fri/Sat nts please M3.

M3   on 13/06/17 @ 19:12 said:


M3   on 14/06/17 @ 20:09 said:

Hi all: The weather looks to be very warm for the weekend so hats, sun cream, loads to drink (not vodka), and maybe an insulated cooler for cold drinks if you have one. Keeping drinks cool can be very tricky. I haven't got one but a neckerchief could prove to be a lifesaver, dunked in cold water. Anyway looking forward to seeing you tomorrow and some more the next morning at 8 at the Eigiau car park. Drive carefully folks x

Ridgewalker   on 15/06/17 @ 17:03 said:

Well i will be around and about from Friday afternoon - Sunday middayish.. planning to to the sames routes to catch the Sun rises and Sun sets... will see you on the ridges or at your feeding stations to catch up have fun

Alive in the hills   on 19/06/17 @ 7:17 said:

Fantastic weekend. Thanks to all for good company. Thanks for good weather and stunning mountains. Huge thanks to Catherine for organising a large group superbly.

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