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Thank you - I have met someone using Outdoor Duo. He's very nice too!
Peaky Walker 

Met a wonderful man. Thank you

Met and married Tobyjug thanks to OD so no longer need the website as plenty of walking with two other clubs we are members of.

Great site, for finding outdoor people, have met my soulmate, thank you

Hi, It's a great site and works well I have met someone indirectly as a result Cheers

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Yes - definitely: alpine hiker, Just Bea, Rachael 234, Kt-mac, Phil H, Maz, Janhk, TrotOn, Elliewalker, minty , JW, Frankie, Bionic Man, going4gold, Carpe Diem!, hillmale, lizzied
Sorry - can't come: Northern Soul, Lazlo Woodbine, Tracy (no 'e'!), DebbieJ, Chris P, Jill18, Spring, Morningdawn, Vickster

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DebbieJ   on 22/03/17 @ 4:51 said:

Love this area and the CCs...thanks Glenn x

hillmale   on 22/03/17 @ 8:20 said:

Hey up Debs, dont lol too loud, the time we did it with our Ruthy n Nelson, was only my 2nd time, Alzeimers hasnt set in yet, but i may need a point in the right direction from you then lol.
In my early days, id come to Langdale, no less than 3 times n the weather was just too bad to do it, the last time was just before Cockermouth n such flooded.
Me n mate, another loony, had been camping 3 nights n hadnt done owt, the weather destroyed my tent.
We were in the O.D.G. listening to 3 blokes who'd just done the crags, worsed walk of their lives, in that weather think on, we gave it a miss n went home the next morn.
So Debs, its good to see ya name down lol, it'll be great to see ya --- girl

landranger68   on 22/03/17 @ 8:36 said:

Hi Glen,Make a worthwhile day by making the Circuit of Pike Oblisco,Crinkle Crags,Bowfell,Esk Pike,with return via Rossett Gill.10 miles.4.500 ft ascent and should take around 5 hours

hillmale   on 22/03/17 @ 8:47 said:

Bloody hell Keith lol, this is an holiday, you get that ambulance ready for our return, you need to think as i do, less time on the hill, means more time in the beer garden, see what i mean lol.
How are you, long time no-see, i often think of the birthday party we had, after the walk in Mac-Forrest, your face, when the cake was brought out n we all sang Happy Birthday to you.
The memory will stay with me forever

landranger68   on 22/03/17 @ 9:21 said:

hi Glen,
Yes It was a Brooky meander,but went on for 13 miles.Good that we are still around,but Jo Po quiet these days
Just spent a week in Little Langdale,in perfect spring weather from Sunday to Wednesday,then 48 hours of rain swept by 50 mph gusts. First time walking the Ullswater Way from Patterdale to Pooley Bridge,which has not fully recovered from storm Desmond. Knees are not what they were but Ibuprofen & Voltarol 12 hour gel keep me going. Walking the Pembrokeshire Coast path in June,which will be my 15 Annual Macmillan walk

hillmale   on 22/03/17 @ 15:38 said:

Lol you must be solely keeping that Charity going lol.
You need to take it easy old lad, myself i dont tear arse around, like i used too, i enjoy the scenery not the speed or distance, which contradics, me leading the Dales 3 pks, end of April, for the 15th time, like you a glutten for punishment lol.
Yes good old Ian, i miss him, but i know Jo Po's around, shes hanging onto Alans shirt tails lol.
You take it easy on thos treks of yours

ruth   on 22/03/17 @ 20:37 said:

Dont worry Glenn Debs has walked it that many times she know it like the back of her hand, wish I could join you but cant get the time off work, catch up soon mate

The Mind is Willing   on 22/03/17 @ 21:06 said:

Jopo is just as overactive as you Keith . Her and Alan are in Spain doing the Camino again I think they're away for 5 weeks.

When she's back Glenn I might try and organise another Manchester Ale trail in May or June

TC   on 22/03/17 @ 21:07 said:

I think you should let Debbie lead this one Glenn. Ha ha.

Carpe Diem!   on 22/03/17 @ 22:51 said:

Thanks for this G but an ole geezer question.. .what's O.D.G.?

hillmale   on 23/03/17 @ 8:01 said:

O.D.G. is Old Dungeon Ghyll J ,the pub at the end of the Langdale valley,as apposed to N.D.G. the N denoting New ,the other important building being The Stickle Barn.
Hey T.C. never mind about our lovely Debs leading ,are you getting yourself there ,stop that running about lark n come n join the gang n have some laughs lol .
Im looking forward to a Ruthy hug ,you take it easy --- girl ,Claudette ,you sort another drinky poo's n my names at the top of the list ,really enjoyed the last two ,I miss my Manc mates ,a man cuddle for the Scots bloke too lol

Sue + Dawgz   on 15/06/17 @ 21:40 said:

Would like to join in the start of the walk up to Red Tarn if you're going that way, I'll then head back down with the pooches. Rohan too giddy yet to take over the crags. Would that be ok?

hillmale   on 15/06/17 @ 23:16 said:

Hi Sue dog n pup, if your happy tagging along, then escorting ya dogs back from the Tarn, then ok, the little one has to start somewhere n build up, but i must add, you are defo the last person on this list of 24 n several dogs lol, cheers.

Sue + Dawgz   on 16/06/17 @ 19:05 said:

Thank you, the pup has had limited walks due to surgery so is good to start building him up. If I think or anyone else thinks they're being a problem I'm happy to turn back earlier and do a different walk.

hillmale   on 17/06/17 @ 6:56 said:

All animals add a different dimension to the outings ,we were all dancing in Lilly's ,in Ambleside ,last year after our meal ,Katherine's dog Millie ,sat under the table ,quiet as a mouse ,but soon wanted to be up with us ,her face was priceless

Sue + Dawgz   on 19/06/17 @ 17:56 said:

That's great

TrotOn   on 14/08/17 @ 8:59 said:

I will be driving through Ambleside. To save cars in Langdale, I'm happy to pick three people up on the way through and drop off on way back.
Just message me with pick up area please?

hillmale   on 14/08/17 @ 10:47 said:

The Y.H.A. Ambleside about 9am to 9.30am at the latest.

TrotOn   on 14/08/17 @ 13:46 said:

Fine...Will aim at YHA Ambleside for 9am. Will pull around towards lake. Toyota Auris, Light blue 66 plate.
If anybody has a National Trust ticket for the car park, that would help.

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