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Hi, It's a great site and works well I have met someone indirectly as a result Cheers

I had email conversations with a few guys and all seemed lovely. I met up with someone from the site and have started seeing him and am very hopeful that I won't be needing Outdoor Duo again!

Found someone fab on Outdoor Duo!!Best £5 I’ve ever spent

Great site. Met someone very special. Thanks for your help.

Within a week on Outdoor Duo back in March 2017 ... one of my matches turned out to be my soul mate; and we are still happily together ... running, cycling, climbing, walking and planning new challenges

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Yes - maybe: Chris50, Ridgewalker
Sorry - can't come: Corrie, womble

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womble   on 02/02/17 @ 17:48 said:

Would love to do this; I'm in Devon from Easter to end May and wasn't planning to be down again until September, but will see if I can come up with some sort of cunning plan...

torb   on 02/02/17 @ 19:53 said:

Hi Penny, your company for a few days would be welcome! I will be organising other day trips soon Keep in touch, Martin

womble   on 03/02/17 @ 8:48 said:

Sounds good Martin, I'll watch this space. Definitely catch up in the Spring and have a chat about Offa's Dyke

Philtheetiler   on 04/02/17 @ 7:34 said:

Long distance walks are like busses, none then two come along at the same time !!

womble   on 04/02/17 @ 9:10 said:

Philtheetiler: My thoughts precisely Phil!

womble   on 04/02/17 @ 9:11 said:

Philtheetiler: My thoughts precisely Phil!

landranger68   on 23/03/17 @ 10:44 said:

Hi Torb,Hope your weather is as good as mine,but the Hatterrall ridge is superb in good weather,but total exposed for the entire ridge.Walked from Chepstow and found the end dreary walking down the Prestatyn High Street with the fumes of stale grease form all the greasy spoon Cafe`s

torb   on 24/03/17 @ 8:14 said:

Hi Landranger, I hope to avoid the cafe by walking away from Prestatyn after dining in a good cafe as my route is south. Looking forward to the high ridges.

womble   on 24/03/17 @ 22:00 said:

'Fraid I am not going to be able to join you Martin; I have landed myself a job as a part time postie, starting June 1st!

landranger68   on 25/03/17 @ 10:08 said:

Please note that the Crown at Newcastle on Clun is closed on Mondays & around 8 miles from Knighton

torb   on 27/03/17 @ 7:15 said:

thanks Landranger!

mirador   on 27/03/17 @ 18:40 said:

If you could post up an approximate itinerary at some point I would be happy to do the Black Mountains section and possibly the Wye Valley too if dates work out

torb   on 28/03/17 @ 19:06 said:

good ideas Mirador. plan currently is start walking south on 29 june. Camp anywhere. Need a bit more planning.

Corrie   on 03/04/17 @ 15:32 said:

Hi Torb, would love to do this walk with you but I am not available until 1st July due to other commitments. Would it be possible to join you on the Saturday at whatever location you have got to and then walk from there to Chepstow?

Mountain Heather   on 21/04/17 @ 20:56 said:

Hi, I've just got back from a few days in the Clun area (Birches Mill/ Cefn Einion) & was blown away by how stunning this area is and surprisingly hilly! I managed a few runs in the area one of which went along Offas Dyke between Three Gates and Churchwood - it was fantastic and I think you'll all be in for a real treat. I can highly recommend Gill and Andrew at Birches Mill for B& B! Enjoy

Chris50   on 26/04/17 @ 18:38 said:

I've been meaning to do this walk for a while now but just haven't got round to it. Probably won't be able to join you on this one unfortunately.

Ridgewalker   on 13/05/17 @ 1:36 said:

May well join some of you as you pass by my Landscapes

Ridgewalker   on 13/05/17 @ 1:37 said:

May well join some of you as you pass by my Landscapes

In the Black Mountains

torb   on 27/06/17 @ 12:43 said:

Hi folks, have had to put walk on hold as too many other things, including paid work, have come up! Maybe august??

womble   on 29/06/17 @ 7:41 said:

How about October? Paid work interfering with my fun too!!

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