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Thank you - I have met someone using Outdoor Duo. He's very nice too!
Peaky Walker 

Met a wonderful man. Thank you

Met and married Tobyjug thanks to OD so no longer need the website as plenty of walking with two other clubs we are members of.

Great site, for finding outdoor people, have met my soulmate, thank you

Hi, It's a great site and works well I have met someone indirectly as a result Cheers

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Yes - definitely: JW, mattsmyname, Nigel7
Yes - maybe: Ladyeliza (Liz)
Sorry - can't come: TC, Peregrina

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Nigel7   on 01/11/16 @ 20:23 said:

Hi JW, if knee up to it will do. Nigel

Ladyeliza (Liz)   on 04/11/16 @ 16:58 said:

Hopefully my feet will ok.

JW   on 09/11/16 @ 14:19 said: gets easier every year
Hope you can join us Ian
Lets hope you have a better year with your injuries Liz

Nigel7   on 09/11/16 @ 16:17 said:

Hi JW sounds like knee will be painful next year but early signs good. Am signed up. Going to go with ?trail shoes next year and cut down on rucksack and not boots. What shoes did you have on your feet? Nigel

TC   on 12/11/16 @ 9:07 said:

I loved it this year but I may try Snowdon next year, not sure yet. Nigel, I wore my normal (road) running shoes. I would have worn trail shoes if it was wet. Most important thing is making sure you have comfortable, worn-in footwear which suits your walking/running style. Hope that knee is getting better.

Nigel7   on 13/11/16 @ 19:37 said:

Thanks For the advice TC. Nigel

Peregrina   on 16/11/16 @ 19:35 said:

Done it twice now, so I have nothing to prove to myself, but will hopefully come to give some support along the way.

mattsmyname   on 20/11/16 @ 19:24 said:

Just booked my spot. See you next year.

JW   on 20/11/16 @ 21:46 said:

Nigel, I just have straight forward running shoes, but as TC says trail shoes probably better if wet conditions. Always bank on it being nice and dry down south.
Tina & Ian, I would like to do Snowden, such a shame always the same weekend as Beachy Head. Would be nice if you can make it.....Tina, you need to give the chance to beat you this time
Well done Matt, hope you find it a good challenge.

TC   on 04/12/16 @ 7:33 said:

JW, if you do another PB you will probably beat my time. Then the challenge will be on for 2018.....

mattsmyname   on 06/12/16 @ 19:23 said:

TC: Hi Tina have entered Snowdon half marathon in July, goes to the top so will be a slow one, thought maybe a bit of a training run if you do the full in Oct.

TC   on 08/12/16 @ 21:35 said:

That sounds interesting Matt. I was going to do the Thunder Run in July but the club only got one team in this year and I am third reserve. I might look at doing something else....

JW   on 15/12/16 @ 20:02 said:

Just looked up the Snowdon 1/2 Matt, it's on the 21st May or have I found the wrong one?
2018 Tina! .....22 months to go....the training starts now

mattsmyname   on 18/12/16 @ 11:45 said:

JW: it's the SCOTT Snowdon trail marathon and half. I think the other is a road run.

TC   on 04/07/17 @ 21:08 said:

It's going to have to be 2018 after all, JW. I'm doing the OMM!! Hope the training is going well.

JW   on 06/07/17 @ 13:20 said:

Good luck with that Tina.......Training going well thanks.

TC   on 07/07/17 @ 9:12 said:

Well you know what time you have to beat.. Don't set the bar too high for 2018 though!

Nigel7   on 02/10/17 @ 9:42 said:

Hi John, been training for swims only this last year so will not be running with you. will be walking again, booked this prior deciding IOW swim. Gotta get some miles in this month.

mattsmyname   on 12/10/17 @ 19:43 said:

JW: Looking forward to making this after a few years of trying and meeting up with you. Am hiking in Majorca the week leading up to it so probably not best prep but will be running it. Not long now!

JW   on 12/10/17 @ 21:08 said:

See you at the start Nigel...your getting a dab hand at these South Downs.
Hi Matt, Let's hope the weather on the day will match that of Majorca. Wouldn't describe what I do as running, more of a gentle jog with a front crawl motion up them hills.

Peregrina   on 24/10/17 @ 11:37 said:

So it's just the three of you then. This is my plan for Saturday. I'm going to park at Eastbourne and get the bus to Exceat and cheer you on from there. Looks like it should be a nice day, well dry at least. Nigel as you're walking I would like to meet you at Exceat and walk the Seven Sisters with you. Adele did that with me on my first Beachy Head marathon, and it really helped me. I'll message you (think I still have your number from last year?)

Ladyeliza (Liz)   on 24/10/17 @ 17:15 said:

Good luck John, Matt and Nigel, sorry I can't be there.

JW   on 24/10/17 @ 19:02 said:

Thanks LIz....always next year.
That would be great Ingrid...........if you just so happen to have a Jelly Baby or two with you they will be gratefully received. Always feel peckish at Exceat.

JW   on 24/10/17 @ 19:05 said:

Matt & Nigel, see you at the start line 8.45 for a pre run picture.
Tina....good luck with your run and all going well see you next year.

Peregrina   on 26/10/17 @ 16:20 said:

John, do you have a rough idea when you will be at the Seven Sisters Country Park? And Matt? I would hate to miss you guys. Hey Matt is this your first Beachy Head Marathon? You are gonna LOVE it.

Peregrina   on 26/10/17 @ 16:23 said:

Will be there with jelly babies, and some water. Will also try to be at the start line to see you off, but, hmmm its a bit of an early start for a Saturday morning.

JW   on 26/10/17 @ 19:17 said:

Looking forward to the Jelly Babies and seeing a friendly face. All going to plan I will be at Exceat at around 12.30-12.45, all depends on how many sausage rolls it get through at Littlington.
Alfriston would be another option if you can't make the start Ingrid....either way your support will be a boost.

Peregrina   on 27/10/17 @ 11:25 said:

You could text me from Littlington then I'll know you are only a few fields and those woodland steps away from me.

Nigel7   on 29/10/17 @ 18:05 said:

Well I finished JW with some good couragemeant from Ingrid on those last miles. Slower than last year 8.10 or thereabouts but perhaps not surprising as not much in the way of training.

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