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Hi Steve,The hunter may just have struck lucky, thanks for everything and bye for now. Best wishes N
Ventoux Nick 

I have met a lovely lady on Outdoor Duo and really happy, thank you

Good website well structured. Would use again.
Old Mountain Goat 

found my person yipeeeeee

Thank you Outdoor Duo for connecting us back in 2015 ... 3 years on we're now a happily married couple! V&M x

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Indiana Jane   on 29/10/18 @ 17:55 said:

Sorry Liz, we have in the past had quite a few events in Snowdonia but I'm really busy with work at the moment so I haven't been very active this year. Ridgewalker put on a fine scrambling weekend in July but otherwise it has been rather quite in north Wales. We need someone else to get things kick-started again.

iansmyname.....orisitjohn?   on 29/10/18 @ 18:19 said:

There is quite an interesting g1 scramble on your doorstep Jane.
Have you done this one yet? (Probably a silly question). It would make a great start to a potential walk. Would it be possible from there to create a Saturday circular route?
The Conwy mountain walk we did in March could be a good Sunday route.......

iansmyname.....orisitjohn?   on 29/10/18 @ 18:21 said:

Hi Liz55. It's been pretty quiet all around on OD for a while now. Let's hope it doesn't die a death. We need more people coming forward with invites

Ridgewalker   on 29/10/18 @ 20:26 said:

Well as it happens as I was explaining to OD friends yesterday unfortunately family distractions only enabled myself to make a fleeting solo visit a couple of weeks ago, as usually a late Autumn week is never missed, and in true tradition of Nov we usually await the storm of Brian or other Atlantic force of nature to add a bit of spice to the event. Ok my free long weekend Slot Shall be 1st-2nd Dec - Watch this Space , and make sure you are weather prepared as only Hurricanes can stop Ridgewalker in his tracks - and I had one those recently ������

Indiana Jane   on 02/11/18 @ 17:15 said:

iansmyname.....orisitjohn?: I have been told about that ridge but haven't done it yet. I should do as it is so close. I'll see if I can find a climber to take me up before I put it on OD as an invite.

Bentravla   on 11/11/18 @ 11:16 said:

iansmyname.....orisitjohn?: Returning to OD after a break, it's noticeable how there are a fraction of the invites and from a small group of stalwarts. There seems to be lots of new people joining, so maybe OD is becoming more like conventional dating sites, where people just contact each other directly. Pity if that's the case.

iansmyname.....orisitjohn?   on 11/11/18 @ 20:05 said:

Indiana Jane: Hi Jane. That's fair enough. It looks like it will probably be a bit greasy in all but perfect conditions
Bentravla: It would be a pity. Something is definetley affecting OD invites. I figured it was regional groups forming and using social media (i.e. Facebook and WhatsApp) to arrange walks etc. between themselves and ommiting the OD process. Your thery is interesting and I hadn't considered that. Lets hope it recovers eh?

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