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PeteK   on 06/09/18 @ 21:32 said:

Soggy it was but still fun and frolics with the WW gang.Thanks Tracey for organising and leading.

Head for the Hills   on 07/09/18 @ 8:20 said:

It's such a lovely walk, shame we didn't get the views to fully enjoy it. Still a good day out with WW stalwarts. Thank you Tracey for leading us (and finding a dry lunch spot) x

The Wanderer Returns   on 07/09/18 @ 8:54 said:

Thanks Tracey for putting on this interesting walk in an area I'm not familiar with. Shame about the rain (suppose it makes us appreciate the wonderful summer we had this year)

R1chard   on 07/09/18 @ 11:25 said:

Thanks Tracey, we've got away with it for so long but it was inevitable we'd be caught out at some point. Did anyone see the rainbow in their rear view mirror as they sped away?

Out Doors Guy   on 07/09/18 @ 12:06 said:

Yes we saw the rainbow but we were going in the right direction. Thanks to Tracey for organising. (The walk not the rainbow)..........

Miss T   on 07/09/18 @ 17:40 said:

Thanks for all the nice comments. Makes a day walking in the rain all worthwhile!
Yes, I saw the rainbows as I drove back down the Cat & Fiddle. Looked like the end was sat right over Solomons Temple! I nearly ran up the hill to find the gold!

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