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Highpeakman   on 22/08/18 @ 20:56 said:

Great walk Pete!! A connoisseur's walk!!! Good company and banter as usual. Up the wanderers!!!

Head for the Hills   on 22/08/18 @ 21:36 said:

Many thanks Pete for leading us in an area I wouldn't venture into on my own. The plane wreck was impressive and thought provoking. Cake was A*. Company was lovely, as always, but next time I'm bringing plasters to put on Derek & Mitch's mouths to shut em up!!

Miss T   on 23/08/18 @ 8:12 said:

Head for the Hills: You'll need summat much stronger than a plaster for Derek June!

Pollydaydream   on 23/08/18 @ 9:13 said:

Thanks Pete for a really good walk... Thoroughly enjoyed it. Great company as always and fab cake too.

PeteK   on 24/08/18 @ 8:23 said:

Big thanks to everyone for coming. A lovely gang and a lot of laughs. Glad you all enjoyed the walk. Missing the rain was an added bonus.

R1chard   on 24/08/18 @ 10:28 said:

Thanks for leading my third walk to the site Pete. Easier, dry conditions under foot this time, memorable (double) cake ration and mid-week company as always.

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