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What has OutdoorDuo done for me?

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Fab site. Did it's job. Thank you

Met a lovely man and moved country. Hope this site does well for others and have recommended it to several people.

Hi Steve, can only give you positive feedback! Have really enjoyed being on this site for 7 years and most of my adventures have been because of OD. Leaving now with loads and loads of fantastic memories.

OD is a great organisation. Have met good friends, and had some great walks.
adventure rose 

Thank you - I have met someone using Outdoor Duo. He's very nice too!
Peaky Walker 

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Alpsman   on 03/05/18 @ 18:32 said:

Thanks Dougie,my pleasure sorry to hear about you tyre mate!

Miss T   on 03/05/18 @ 18:38 said:

A really great walk, thanks Cary Lots of variety and interest, abundant wildflowers and some paths I've never walked on before. Enjoyed it lots!
Can't wait for your next one!

Thanks to all for your excellent company and to Sheila and Jo1 for the lovely cakes.


Head for the Hills   on 03/05/18 @ 18:40 said:

Fabulous first walk Cary. You certainly found all the hills around. Really enjoyed it though and the history lessons along the way. It scarcely registered on the mudometer and you've now been inducted into HPM's 200 yard rule! Many thanks

Highpeakman   on 03/05/18 @ 19:37 said:

Well!!! What can I say?? Was I impressed or what!!!! Cary, a lot of thought and effort went into your planning of this superb walk!!! Thank you very much for taking so much time and making it a superb day for us merry wanderers, who reaped all the benefit!!

Ruby Walls   on 03/05/18 @ 19:43 said:

Thanks Cary, a great day out, far better than going to work!

Alpsman   on 03/05/18 @ 20:42 said:

Many thanks for all your compliments, it gave me great pleasure in seeing you all enjoying! Thank you all for your support and friendship, what a brilliant bunch !!!

Derwent  on 03/05/18 @ 20:49 said:

Thanks for a great walk today Cary - a first for me walking up to Middleton Top from the wharf! Cheers

Jo1   on 03/05/18 @ 20:51 said:

Great day Cary, thank you! Really interesting route and you booked the weather too. X

Jill18   on 03/05/18 @ 21:49 said:

Not happy...looks like i missed a good walk ��

S.A.M   on 04/05/18 @ 8:38 said:

Yep, a lovely day. Really enjoyed the walk and the company. Ticked all the boxes for me. ...views, rocky outcrops, flowers, rivers and canals, rolling meadows. ...individual bathing facilities en route
Looking forward to the next one.

R1chard   on 04/05/18 @ 15:15 said:

Cary, thanks for a very fine mid-week outing, never been south of Cromford before!

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