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What has OutdoorDuo done for me?

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Hi Steve,The hunter may just have struck lucky, thanks for everything and bye for now. Best wishes N
Ventoux Nick 

I have met a lovely lady on Outdoor Duo and really happy, thank you

Good website well structured. Would use again.
Old Mountain Goat 

found my person yipeeeeee

Thank you Outdoor Duo for connecting us back in 2015 ... 3 years on we're now a happily married couple! V&M x

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Glyn2   on 02/02/18 @ 17:07 said:

Yes - just checked and you’re right (surprisingly!)

Glyn nav   on 02/02/18 @ 17:36 said:

Ive Noticed that to Doug

Lazlo Woodbine   on 02/02/18 @ 22:31 said:

As it's not just me I have messaged the site informing them that we can't reply to private messages. Wonder how they will reply to me.

Phil H   on 02/02/18 @ 23:02 said:

If you go back to the email list, then there is a reply or delete option at the right hand side for each of the emails.
Hope this method isn't going to disappear as well now!

Lazlo Woodbine   on 03/02/18 @ 19:24 said:

There is only a delete option on my e mails now.

Ruby Walls   on 03/02/18 @ 19:45 said:

Why can't you just click on the name and then click "contact this member"?

Camino Queen   on 03/02/18 @ 20:51 said:

Hi you're right. It's been reported but said fixed.
Obviously not so let's see in few days

Carpe Diem!   on 03/02/18 @ 20:57 said:

If you go to your inbox list on the far right if each message there is an icon that looks like an envelope. If you click on that it brings up a reply box with "send" underneath as usual. That should work J

Carpe Diem!   on 03/02/18 @ 21:08 said:

Lazlo Woodbine: so I've just sent you a "reply" to an old message using the method above and it says you gottit

Lazlo Woodbine   on 04/02/18 @ 7:09 said:

That worked J, thank you. So why did they change it and why didn't they tell anyone it had changed.

Miss T   on 04/02/18 @ 7:46 said:

Lazlo Woodbine: Coz they know you're oh so clever and can work it out for yourself....eventually

Carpe Diem!   on 04/02/18 @ 10:45 said:

Miss T: he didn't

Philtheetiler   on 04/02/18 @ 15:27 said:

Carpe Diem!: wise wurds vrum Wiltshur, if taint broke Dunt fix it !
Mine works fine and always has

Mitch   on 05/02/18 @ 5:48 said:

Mine don't but I wished it did. Like Philtheetiler I agree " if ain't broke don't fix it "

Site Admin   on 05/02/18 @ 16:33 said:

Now fixed. My fault. Sorry

Mitch   on 06/02/18 @ 10:42 said:

Absolutely brilliant, thank you.

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