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I have met a very special lady through this site. Thank-you for your help
Barry M 

It was a great experience to join OD back in April 2016 and meet some very nice like-minded people; I enjoyed some amazing walks that I would otherwise never discovered.

I met M on the site about 2 years ago and we are now about to move in together. I keep recommending people to OD as it's been fantastic and I've loved being part of the 'family'.Thank you for everything.Vee

Found a partner
Lorna burton 

I have found someone and we are getting along very well. I am pleased I heard about your Site from a friend as I consider it to be a good genuine site for finding someone compatible. Many thanks

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ruth   on 26/12/17 @ 18:52 said:

I have used Exodus travel a number of times, one of the trip being a tour of Morocco which included a days hike in the Atlas. Couldn't fault them and would definitely recommend them. Have fun

TC   on 27/12/17 @ 8:48 said:

I've done the Exodus Mt Toubkal trek, it was well organised and inspired me to do some independent walking overseas. Just watch out if the guide has a big box of snacks - a bug went round the group and prevented some from summiting! Altitude was an issue for some as well.

Mountain_Mouse   on 27/12/17 @ 19:15 said:

I have also used Exodus to do this climb in winter. Probably easier at this time of year since the tracks are very loose and dusty in the summer (friends did a 2 week trek and said that it was a bit monotonous).
Might also be more attractive in winter since the midden below the refuge was covered in snow. Exodus were fine.

mintsauce96   on 30/12/17 @ 16:53 said:

Thank you so much for the info all

I was looking at doing the 4 day trek so hope it would not be too monotonous.

I would love to do some winter climbing but will probably need to book myself in for some training/guidance beforehand due to lack of experience.

Thanks again and happy new year OD members


Eat a Crisp   on 30/12/17 @ 18:34 said:

I have travelled with Exodus, through Africa, it was many years ago but they were amazing, very organised and with great local knowledge (which can't be beaten if venturing into obscure places)

Camino Queen   on 01/01/18 @ 17:48 said:

Hi have you considered our Atlas Tour in June? Exodus and most of large tour companies use local qualified guides such as Oulaid or Rachid who are leading us. I"ve done Toubkal in August and found the climb ok. Just layer up as constant change of temperature.

Maz   on 03/01/18 @ 10:54 said:

Just come back from the Atlas Mountains.
Give yourself time to acclimatise, remember that Toubkal is over 4000m and you will enjoy it more if your body has been given time to adjust. This is how we did it.
D1Arrived Marrakech. Drove straight to Imlil and stayed night. D2 Took our time to walk up to Les Mouflons refuge. D3 spent walking and playing around in the snow. D4 Toubkal . D5 "rest day", playing on ice. D6 climbed 2nd and 3rd highest mountains - better than Toubkal imo. D7 Walked out to Imlil, onto Marrakech. D8 Day in Marrakech. Hope that helps.

Site Admin   on 05/01/18 @ 12:52 said:

The children of some friends live in Morocco and run WildGoose adventures.

They do guided trips or can just arrange the itinerary and offer advice. Marc and Helen a really nice couple offering a personalised service. Marc is a qualified mountain guide too.

Site Admin   on 05/01/18 @ 12:57 said:

p.s. I get the impression with Marc and Helen that in some of the villages you stay with the locals as there are no hotels/hostels as such, and thus its all about who you know and contacts.

mintsauce96   on 06/01/18 @ 16:03 said:

Thank you so much everyone, lots to consider now! I was hoping to summit in a 5 day trip and see that Exodus does offer this as a standard trip.

I might contact Marc and Helen as I’m sure they can offer some advice!

Thanks again all!

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