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What has OutdoorDuo done for me?

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Thank you Outdoor Duo for connecting us back in 2015 ... 3 years on we're now a happily married couple! V&M x

I have met somebody to share with.

This has been a great group for friendships and great outdoor experiences as well as for dating. I now have a life partner, and have recommended OD to others who've joined. My heartfelt thanks to you! xx
Rosie. B 

Fab site. Did it's job. Thank you

Met a lovely man and moved country. Hope this site does well for others and have recommended it to several people.

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iansmyname.....orisitjohn?   on 15/12/17 @ 20:05 said:

It was an absolute pleasure to meet you Paul and spend 2 very memorable journeys together. Which without OD would have never happened. Looking forward to 2018 and much of the same. Best wishes and happy Hogmanay

Carpe Diem!   on 15/12/17 @ 20:30 said:

Cheers Paul... you're a star. Love the way you write and you've made a wonderful contribution to OD with great style. Enjoy everything pal.

Ridgewalker   on 18/12/17 @ 16:14 said:

My Random sightings post solstice shall be anywhere and everywhere that my soul takes me in these mystical lands ;-) x

mirador   on 18/12/17 @ 17:14 said:

And a happy Christmas to you too Paul! Thanks for your company on the walks and weekends we have shared this year. No doubt there will be more adventures in 2018

Ridgewalker   on 19/12/17 @ 14:51 said:

Thanks Peoples, its the companionship's on these OD events that add to its charm. being at one with the ridge-tops and dancing as i do, its good to mingle with like minded souls each with there very own dance with life, the best we can all do is share some light and happiness that brings a smile to strangers face..

Louise - living life   on 19/12/17 @ 20:26 said:

Lazlo Woodbine   on 19/12/17 @ 21:37 said:


Ridgewalker   on 26/12/17 @ 15:59 said:

3 Nights below the Devils Kitchen - starting weds, camera's, Boots - Splendid

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