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What has OutdoorDuo done for me?

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Thank you Outdoor Duo for connecting us back in 2015 ... 3 years on we're now a happily married couple! V&M x

I have met somebody to share with.

This has been a great group for friendships and great outdoor experiences as well as for dating. I now have a life partner, and have recommended OD to others who've joined. My heartfelt thanks to you! xx
Rosie. B 

Fab site. Did it's job. Thank you

Met a lovely man and moved country. Hope this site does well for others and have recommended it to several people.

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iansmyname.....orisitjohn?   on 21/11/17 @ 20:36 said:

I'm sure the site admin will take any constructive critisism on board and act on it. He's a decent and very nice guy. I would like to add to this though.
Steve. I would like to able to add more than 4 photo's to my profile. Could we maybe increase the profile photo's to a dozen? That would be a very nice Xmas pressie

Lazlo Woodbine   on 23/11/17 @ 10:36 said:

Why do they have to use a system where it is often difficult to identify the letters as well. J and I are particularly difficult as the dot gets lost in the background scribble.

Roland_C   on 24/11/17 @ 8:58 said:

I think you have a particular problem with your online membership. I suggest you contact site admin. I do not have to go through an anti robot while logging on, which I suspect is normal.

Justapussycatreally   on 24/11/17 @ 16:50 said:

Thanks Roland, will do.

Robin Who ?   on 24/11/17 @ 18:03 said:

Susie - for what it's worth, I have just re-joined and only had to use a robot code to pay. Which is counterintuitive in itself but never mind .... There was another issue with direct debit portal but that resolved itself overnight. The site defo works best on a PC / laptop (IE Windows based) than on an I-phone / Apple device (can't comment on Android yet): That's why I don't bother trying to check for messages during the day unless I'm WFH & ever-so bored !!! ;-)

There IS a prob. with your memb.! I know this because since this a.m. you have disappeared off the map ! Try and find yourself from your profile page ! (Map icon is under your profile photo's on a PC). (Continued)....

Robin Who ?   on 24/11/17 @ 18:06 said:

.... Continued .... I tested this (No You haven't got a stalker !), because when I clicked on 'Viewed Me' on my profile page, you aren't in the (small !) list anywhere !
This means you are creeping about the site without your actions being recorded ! Make the most of that ;-)
I did idly wonder whether you were actually an avatar of Site Admin !! Good cover-story if so !! ROBIN.

Mountain_Mouse   on 24/11/17 @ 21:55 said:

My best pal on this site contacted me invisibly since they are not on the map. (I had not seen that they had browsed my profile but they had managed to message me).
Thanks (Robin Who) for explaining how this happened. They are also not on the map.

womble   on 25/11/17 @ 7:05 said:

I have friends on the site who don't come up when you put their user name into the search engine - so someone might think they'd left - but if you search for men aged X-X, there they are.

Justapussycatreally   on 25/11/17 @ 10:59 said:

Still having to do robot code every time I want to post anything. So irritating...pretty please can this be sorted out??

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