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I have met a very special lady through this site. Thank-you for your help
Barry M 

It was a great experience to join OD back in April 2016 and meet some very nice like-minded people; I enjoyed some amazing walks that I would otherwise never discovered.

I met M on the site about 2 years ago and we are now about to move in together. I keep recommending people to OD as it's been fantastic and I've loved being part of the 'family'.Thank you for everything.Vee

Found a partner
Lorna burton 

I have found someone and we are getting along very well. I am pleased I heard about your Site from a friend as I consider it to be a good genuine site for finding someone compatible. Many thanks

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Head for the Hills   on 25/08/17 @ 11:24 said:

Lovely day Tracey, with great views of the heather, although you must have been worried at the start! Good to see everyone, including visitors from further afield. Thank you for the biscuits Jo - delicious

Pollydaydream   on 25/08/17 @ 14:19 said:

Thanks Tracey for a wonderful walk and to everyone for the warm welcome on my first walk with OD for quite a while.. Thanks Mitch for keeping me company on the ascents ! And a special thanks to Deka and HPM ... Same comedy duo as always . I had a brilliant day.

Jo1   on 27/08/17 @ 17:09 said:

Super walk Tracey, thank you! Heather was lovely (especially the perfume). Great crowd as always

TC   on 28/08/17 @ 20:50 said:

HPM, I am still waiting for a Wednesday Wander invite for 13th September.... Hope there is going to be one!!

Head for the Hills   on 28/08/17 @ 21:05 said:

Oh TC, if you come up on 13th I'll miss you as I'm doing the Camino trip. Would have been lovely to catch up with you �� However you can be the butt of HPM's jokes and give us a rest! Hope you're OK and enjoying life xx

TC   on 30/08/17 @ 18:35 said:

HftH it has been a while, shame you are away but am sure you'll enjoy the Camino more! Will hopefully be out and about a bit more next year so hopefully we'll catch up soon. Now, I wonder where HPM is??

Highpeakman   on 30/08/17 @ 20:40 said:

Coooooo eeeeeeee!!!!!
Tina: 13th Sept wander is now on the site!

TC   on 30/08/17 @ 21:31 said:

Hello and thank you (Pete). My first Wednesday Wander!

Wiggy   on 30/08/17 @ 21:35 said:

Was nice to meet everyone, sorry I had to rush off.

Miss T   on 31/08/17 @ 11:49 said:

Wiggy: I think you've commented on the wrong walk! lol

R1chard   on 31/08/17 @ 11:54 said:

Thanks for a great day Tracey. Hope you've recovered in time for your North Yorkshire trip...

Miss T   on 31/08/17 @ 15:15 said:

R1chard: So have you!!!

R1chard   on 31/08/17 @ 21:53 said:

duh arff aarff

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