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Hi team Outdoor Duo. I'd like to thank this site for the opportunity to meet and make new friends. Also to meet someone new. Carry on the good work.

Great site, a refreshing change.
I love mountains 

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Carpe Diem!   on 07/08/17 @ 20:39 said:

...tingling tantalisingly with breathtakingly barbaric anticipation...

Jo J   on 07/08/17 @ 21:02 said:

Whooo Hoooooo!

hillmale   on 07/08/17 @ 22:01 said:

Hey up Captain, i'll be giving ya ?7, to hire a boat etc etc, would cost way above, and the entertainment too lol.

Carpe Diem!   on 08/08/17 @ 6:56 said:

hillmale: oooh there entertainment?

hillmale   on 08/08/17 @ 7:30 said:

Theres always entertainment, when us lot get together lol, looking forward to seeing all me mates n having a great time.

Carpe Diem!   on 08/08/17 @ 11:16 said:

hillmale: it'll be fabulous, G

hillmale   on 08/08/17 @ 11:50 said:

It will J ,as always

jo_jo   on 08/08/17 @ 16:10 said:

So looking forward to this...and live music!!! thanks for organising it all ��

Morningdawn   on 08/08/17 @ 18:33 said:

Getting very excited now. Will see you all Sat night at Lilly's

Frankie  on 08/08/17 @ 23:13 said:

Where is Lilly's.

Carpe Diem!   on 08/08/17 @ 23:46 said:

Frankie: It's called The Lily Bar. It's on Lake Road just as it comes into Ambleside. The map comes up if you Google it! It's a great venue to eat,drink and dance. We partied there last year loud and long and the staff were a dream!

Deka   on 09/08/17 @ 16:50 said:

So where are we Saturday evening? Captain Bionic says Lily's and Bilge Boy C D says the Waters Edge. No wonder he's still the Bilge Boy after all these years sticking his oar in. What you say Captain?

Bionic Man   on 09/08/17 @ 16:55 said:

Your right Admiral Deka that Carpe Diem thinks he's above his station and will never drink in the lords or officers mess

Carpe Diem!   on 09/08/17 @ 17:34 said:

Deka: hey man...thah inshults fall on deaf ears. Always bin Lily's...that's why I told you somewhere else

Carpe Diem!   on 09/08/17 @ 17:37 said:

Bionic Man: but you PROMISED me promotion this year. I gotta document Captain. Whilst on this subject might I comment that your Profile Photos are most fetching and that I am your biggest fan..
I look forward to hearing g from you with what I am sure will be music to my ears???

barbp-j   on 10/08/17 @ 8:48 said:

Hi Chris I will be at jetty for Friday sail, thank you so much for organising, am staying at yha Ambleside, barb x

Bionic Man   on 10/08/17 @ 12:32 said:

Music to your ears Carpe Diem, the last thing you will hear is the track "Battle" from the original Vikings! movie score

Carpe Diem!   on 11/08/17 @ 8:39 said:

Bionic Man: ???
Will that be accompanying my Promotion Ceremony?

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