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I have met a very special lady through this site. Thank-you for your help
Barry M 

It was a great experience to join OD back in April 2016 and meet some very nice like-minded people; I enjoyed some amazing walks that I would otherwise never discovered.

I met M on the site about 2 years ago and we are now about to move in together. I keep recommending people to OD as it's been fantastic and I've loved being part of the 'family'.Thank you for everything.Vee

Found a partner
Lorna burton 

I have found someone and we are getting along very well. I am pleased I heard about your Site from a friend as I consider it to be a good genuine site for finding someone compatible. Many thanks

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Morningdawn   on 05/08/17 @ 18:26 said:

I will be arriving Saturday. What time are you leaving for the walk, will try and get there early x

Carpe Diem!   on 05/08/17 @ 18:34 said:

Morningdawn: Al's invite says "9.30am sharp"...meetup venue is there too, but the walk has been full since 21/6 x

Morningdawn   on 05/08/17 @ 18:40 said:

Thanks Jonathon,just checked my name is already down but I may now give it a miss as only travelling down that morning, will let Al know on the invite x

Morningdawn   on 05/08/17 @ 18:45 said:

Will catch up with everyone later in the day x

Carpe Diem!   on 05/08/17 @ 18:59 said:

Morningdawn: see you soon! X

Rachael 234   on 05/08/17 @ 19:16 said:

I'm travelling down Friday, hopefully I'll be there mid afternoon

Tracy (no 'e'!)   on 05/08/17 @ 19:20 said:

Travelling up Friday, probably be around from late afternoon. I think there's quite a few of us staying Friday night in the YHA so depending on the weather am looking forward to sitting outside looking at that fab view with a glass of cider in my hand!

Carpe Diem!   on 05/08/17 @ 19:20 said:

Rachael 234: that's great R ... please ring or message me when you're around

Carpe Diem!   on 05/08/17 @ 19:24 said:

Tracy ...a pint of cider would be perfect thanks! Text or ring me once it's pulled...

Jill18   on 05/08/17 @ 20:17 said:

I might travel up Friday....if i do will meet up with you guys for coffee.....x

Carpe Diem!   on 05/08/17 @ 21:29 said:

Jill18: let me know! I thought your cottage was from Sat? X

Maz   on 05/08/17 @ 21:59 said:

Sailing Friday lunchtime, so will be arriving during the morning. Might not make 10.30am but I am staying in the yha.
See you there.

Walking On   on 05/08/17 @ 23:13 said:

I'll be there on Thursday evening, sailing Friday but will see y'all (yawl??) at 10.30 in the YHA.

Jill18   on 05/08/17 @ 23:44 said: not keen on travelling might B&B somewhere..x

M3   on 05/08/17 @ 23:50 said:

Have a lovely time everyone, sounds like the party of the century, equal only of course to Phil and Minty's Dartmoor shinanagans. Oh to have more time (and money) to do stuff, roll on retirement

Carpe Diem!   on 06/08/17 @ 8:35 said:

Maz: Walking On: see you there Maz an' Dave
M3: ...thanks should come!

Helvellyn40   on 06/08/17 @ 8:58 said:

I'am booked into the YH for the Friday and Saturday night,will arrive late afternoon,also meeting my daughter there who staying the Friday night.

Carpe Diem!   on 06/08/17 @ 9:03 said:

Helvellyn40: excellent...will be great to meet you

jo_jo   on 06/08/17 @ 9:13 said:

I aim to get there by 11:30 so hope to meet you for coffee before I join an alternative sailing venture.

Carpe Diem!   on 06/08/17 @ 10:18 said:

jo_jo: hopefully we might still be there!

alpine hiker   on 06/08/17 @ 10:24 said:

Hi Jon. I am coming up Friday late pm so will hunt round in my Viking get up to find you all for a pint. Al

Carpe Diem!   on 06/08/17 @ 11:22 said:

alpine hiker: sounds good! I was gonna save my gear until Sunday's sail but go frit warrior!

Janhk   on 06/08/17 @ 13:20 said:

Travelling up Thurs to friends near Penrith so may well be at the YHA for coffee in the morning before being on the boat. Can someone order some better weather though - the forecast is rubbish!

Carpe Diem!   on 06/08/17 @ 14:24 said:

Janhk: see you there Jan!

Pendle Hill   on 06/08/17 @ 15:53 said:

Hi Jonathan,I'll be there for tea-time hopefully, where are you meeting early evening?

Pendle Hill   on 06/08/17 @ 15:53 said:

On the Friday

Jo J   on 06/08/17 @ 18:59 said:

Hiya, I am up from Thursday and bringing a friend on her 1st OD is her birthday on the Friday (as well as Janhk's?), so a few of us are off on an alternative sail and we have space for 3 more if a few of you fancy joining us? We will be setting off soon after noon from Ambleside. Please do let me know if you could reach Ambleside in time and would like to join us after coffee with CD (in Viking attire too if possible!)

Carpe Diem!   on 06/08/17 @ 22:46 said:

Pendle Hill: hi Pete ...I would say the yha for meeting early eve, but we'll probably move on to the Water'sEdge pub after that for food and drink! Let's stay in touch!

Carpe Diem!   on 07/08/17 @ 8:22 said:

Jo J: see you Friday!

Jill18   on 08/08/17 @ 0:02 said:

Coming up Thurs..treating myself to hotel for 2 will be at YH for coffee Friday...will prob wonder round Ambleside later...and have lunch....Would be up for Fridsy meet up for meal too....Xx

Carpe Diem!   on 08/08/17 @ 6:53 said:

Jill18: see you for coffee!

Bionic Man   on 08/08/17 @ 21:22 said:

Great stuff CD and the rest of the Barberian horde
See you on Friday

Carpe Diem!   on 08/08/17 @ 21:50 said:

Bionic Man:

Frankie  on 08/08/17 @ 23:09 said:

I will b there at yha bout 6. C u all then

Carpe Diem!   on 08/08/17 @ 23:48 said:

Frankie: Friday or Saturday?

Sue + Dawgz   on 09/08/17 @ 7:26 said:

Up for a friend's birthday on Friday then staying up so will see where I am to catch up at yha in the evening.

Carpe Diem!   on 09/08/17 @ 12:15 said:

Sue dog and pup: brilliant! Looking forward to catching up with you and your 2 pals

Lazlo Woodbine   on 09/08/17 @ 15:29 said:

Will be arriving saturday evening, driving up after the football match at Derby so should be at the YHA Ambleside about 8ish.

Carpe Diem!   on 09/08/17 @ 15:51 said:

Lazlo Woodbine: we'll probably be ensconced in the Wateredge Inn by then! Look forward to seeing you Doug... J

barbp-j   on 10/08/17 @ 9:01 said:

Hi Jonathan, sailing Friday and staying at yha, leaving Wirral 8am so will join you for coffee all being well, barb x

Carpe Diem!   on 10/08/17 @ 11:18 said:

barbp-j: Excellent! See you soon Barb x

Bionic Man   on 10/08/17 @ 12:36 said:

Look forward to catching up with you all soon

Ladyeliza (Liz)   on 10/08/17 @ 12:50 said:

Not sure what time I'll be there, prob late afternoon Friday. See you there x

Carpe Diem!   on 10/08/17 @ 12:58 said:

Ladyeliza (Liz): That's great Liz ...see you there!

Carpe Diem!   on 10/08/17 @ 16:45 said:

Bionic Man: ..and you Sir!

Deka   on 10/08/17 @ 18:29 said:

Carpe Diem!: Seems to me that you will be drinking plenty of coffee at the YHA ON Friday meeting and greeting everyone. Hope you don't miss anyone when you have to go for a pee

Carpe Diem!   on 10/08/17 @ 21:09 said:

Deka: come on, mate, Vikings don't use toilets!

Jo J   on 11/08/17 @ 10:17 said:

Heill og s?ll, Lykke til!

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