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Hi team Outdoor Duo. I'd like to thank this site for the opportunity to meet and make new friends. Also to meet someone new. Carry on the good work.

Great site, a refreshing change.
I love mountains 

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Heathervalley   on 19/07/17 @ 22:21 said:

Now I look really silly. I can type caf? on the forum but not on the invitation reply!

Heathervalley   on 19/07/17 @ 22:23 said:

Please ignore me and delete this posting! I can type the word in full complete with accent, but not as a comment.

Bentravla   on 20/07/17 @ 7:19 said:

Brexit, almost certainly .... no you don't look silly. Same happens with ? sign (which will probably look fine when I hit 'save' in three seconds time)

ps I don't even know how to type an 'e' with one of those things on it

Bentravla   on 20/07/17 @ 7:20 said:

Haha that should be the GBP pounds sign

Lazlo Woodbine   on 20/07/17 @ 9:09 said:

The pound as question mark is probably because the place where the pound sign on a British keyboard is a question mark on a US keyboard. We are not Brexietd but Trumped.

Bentravla   on 20/07/17 @ 10:27 said:

Which is the greatest disaster Brexit or Trump?

Discuss in &@ words or less...

Philtheetiler   on 20/07/17 @ 23:00 said:

Is there such a thing as a great disaster ?

Heathervalley   on 23/07/17 @ 7:27 said:

An oxymoron, nothing to do with politics.

Philtheetiler   on 23/07/17 @ 12:22 said:

Heathervalley: yes I agree with the moron part

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