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Thank you - I have met someone using Outdoor Duo. He's very nice too!
Peaky Walker 

Met a wonderful man. Thank you

Met and married Tobyjug thanks to OD so no longer need the website as plenty of walking with two other clubs we are members of.

Great site, for finding outdoor people, have met my soulmate, thank you

Hi, It's a great site and works well I have met someone indirectly as a result Cheers

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Rachael 234   on 24/06/17 @ 21:45 said:

Thanks Tracey for a wonderful walk in one of my favourite areas of the Peaks when I eventually made it. Big thanks to Derek for missing the first half of the walk to come and find me and to everyone else for their company. All in all a great day

Walking On   on 24/06/17 @ 23:31 said:

Good walk Tracey, many thanks, and good company from all. Even a pub meal to finish off. See you all again soon.

PeteK   on 24/06/17 @ 23:54 said:

Thanks Tracey. Another great walk in an area I know well but on paths I didn't. Brilliant company as usual and the weather stayed fine for us.

Carpe Diem!   on 25/06/17 @ 8:43 said:

I loved every minute of it, thanks Tracey. A really scenic and varied route. And the grub! Wow! Pete and Mick's treats were a delight. It was also great socialising and eating in the pub afterwards. Roll on the next one!

Carpe Diem!   on 25/06/17 @ 8:46 said:

Rachael 234: I doubt that you're home yet... if you Google "car games for one",there's a few hours of fun there for you, until Derek rolls up again...

Mitch   on 25/06/17 @ 9:18 said:

Wonderful walk wonderful people, super homemade pork pie and cakes super cookies and sweeties along the way, wow sounds more like a party than a walk, well as usual it was everything Thank you Tracy thank you Mick thank you Peter thank you everybody

DebbieJ   on 25/06/17 @ 10:23 said:

Huge thanks Tracey, Mitch, Peter, Mick, the sweetie peeps and all the lovely ODers for making it such a special day x
Great photos too Mick

Head for the Hills   on 25/06/17 @ 11:55 said:

Fabulous route Tracey: thank you so much for leading a great walk with some lovely people and some yummy treats, Pete and Mick. Yep, special day x

Miss T   on 25/06/17 @ 12:14 said:

Thanks so much for all the lovely comments Days like these always lift my spirits and it's great to know it's appreciated.
Thanks Pete and Mick for the home made treats and to everyone for making it such a lovely day.


jo_jo   on 25/06/17 @ 12:52 said:

Thanks Tracey for leading another great walk.. and thanks also to Mike and Pete for bringing us delightful bakes. Another super day with OD friends.

Pendle Hill   on 25/06/17 @ 17:01 said:

Thanks Tracy for a most enjoyable day out. Fantastic.

R1chard   on 26/06/17 @ 21:43 said:

Tracey the merciful; skipped the Abbey Bank option at the end of a great walking day. Thanks to one and all

Miss T   on 27/06/17 @ 18:58 said:

R1chard: Always one to put others first. I was thinking of your knees!

Mountain Heather   on 28/06/17 @ 18:28 said:

Another blinder of a walk Tracy - you really do have a great ability to put a route together in an area I think I know, and then head off on paths/ hills I've never been on - fantastic. I was in need of good times with great people and I was not disappointed and left with my spirits lifted. Thank you everyone xxx

Miss T   on 28/06/17 @ 20:34 said:

Mountain Heather: R1chard: Pendle Hill: jo_jo: So pleased you all enjoyed the day. Thanks for the lovely feedback too


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