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Hi Steve,The hunter may just have struck lucky, thanks for everything and bye for now. Best wishes N
Ventoux Nick 

I have met a lovely lady on Outdoor Duo and really happy, thank you

Good website well structured. Would use again.
Old Mountain Goat 

found my person yipeeeeee

Thank you Outdoor Duo for connecting us back in 2015 ... 3 years on we're now a happily married couple! V&M x

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Mitch   on 15/06/17 @ 14:43 said:

If this guy was on the site why not name and shame ?

RuthieA   on 15/06/17 @ 18:06 said:

I don't think the men or indeed women on this site that much different to the general populace. We may, at times be lulled into a false sense of security. Just because they have the same interests, walking, cycling etc doesn't mean to say they will make a great life partner. We must learn to love ourselves first of all, find a place where we are less vulnerable before embarking on a relationship as unfortunately the ones with lesser morals will prey on this. I am happy you have found a good guy. look forward not back, its his loss. If he is still on the site I am sure his reputation will soon spread, no need to name and shame, don't lower yourself to that level.

Lazlo Woodbine   on 16/06/17 @ 11:06 said:

The problem is that some women and men are attracted to the men/women who say the things they want to hear, which isn't necessarily the truth. All is fair in love and war.

Blue John   on 16/06/17 @ 23:45 said:

Hi Sue, I'm sorry to hear that there are folks on here who are less than genuine, but fact of life unfortunately. I do hope that your new guy helps to restore your faith in mankind

H&B   on 07/03/18 @ 17:23 said:

Hi Sue. Good to hear your OK. Nice to see your back on site, glad your happy in your life again, sounds like he's a fine fellow. How's your mum all well i hope. Will you both be out on walk some time be nice to meet him.

Carpe Diem!   on 08/03/18 @ 14:26 said:

Hi Sue... I'm glad that you're ok and happy now. It's also good that you feel able to share ... we all live and learn. For me the most hurtful thing is when someone tells lies to your friends. Guess that's just part of life's tapestry and we have to rise above dishonesty knowing that our true friends are always exactly that.
Long live OD and everything it offers us.

mountainsnmusic   on 09/03/18 @ 17:30 said:

I had a nice day's walking, talking, meal and drink with a guy off here a few months ago. Decided to go camping and walking on the coast with him for a few nights and halfway through the first day realised I'd only be interested in being friends and nothing more with him. He didn't take it too well-obviously thought his luck was in! I was/am confident, civil and firm in that situation but I did think someone else less confident might struggle with it....And he wasn't a Bad Bloke-I'm not that bad a judge of character! Just a bit old school-'we've travelled this far together, you can't say No Now!' Er-Yes I can actually!

mintsauce96   on 09/03/18 @ 19:02 said:

Sorry to hear of the bad experience such a shame you had to go through that.

Very glad you are happy now, time to concentrate on the next chapter and plan adventures together!

A happy ending to give us all hope ;-)

womble   on 09/03/18 @ 23:13 said:

When all's said and done, this is a dating site and there will be 'players' out there. Let's move on and not air our dirty laundry in public.

Glyn2   on 10/03/18 @ 15:08 said:

Yes I agree with you Womble

liveit   on 10/03/18 @ 17:35 said:

Me too☺

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