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Great site, for finding outdoor people, have met my soulmate, thank you

Hi, It's a great site and works well I have met someone indirectly as a result Cheers

I had email conversations with a few guys and all seemed lovely. I met up with someone from the site and have started seeing him and am very hopeful that I won't be needing Outdoor Duo again!

Found someone fab on Outdoor Duo!!Best £5 I’ve ever spent

Great site. Met someone very special. Thanks for your help.

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hillmale   on 06/05/17 @ 9:32 said:

This will include a walk to Top Withens ,then back to Christines house ,for tea n cake.
Iv no idea how to get to Howarth moor ,so walk leaders step forward pls ,cheers

Just Bea   on 06/05/17 @ 9:48 said:

Thank you G

I have a lot going on at he moment, but still hoping to make this special one...I will do my best to attend this one.....

landranger68   on 06/05/17 @ 10:24 said:

Hi Glen,I can make July 1st and any date in July except 28/29 where i will be attending a Wedding in London.I will be in the Langdales 15-22,but can travel from there if there is a clash.
Top Withins is quite easy from Haworth passing the Church and crossing Bronte Falls.should that be the proposed route

The Mind is Willing   on 06/05/17 @ 14:49 said:

Johnny's away 28th June - 14th July Glenn so early to mid June would be good or after 14th for us

landranger68   on 06/05/17 @ 16:52 said:

Hi Glen,just to add to what Claudette has added is that i will be away all of June

alpine hiker   on 06/05/17 @ 17:48 said:

Im away 24 June to 1 July and n/a 22/23. I think its going to be difficult to choose a date everyone can make. Best to choose a date and go for it. There or not we will be thinking of Dave on the day.

Carpe Diem!   on 07/05/17 @ 0:49 said:

Thanks Glenn... some of us are in Morocco with OD from 3rd to 10th June so please avoid that time if at all possible. Many thanks J . However I agree with Alastair that there won't be a date that will suit everyone and we will all think about Dave on whatever that date is ...thank you

landranger68   on 07/05/17 @ 8:41 said:

Hi Glen,With the difficulty of fixing one date perhaps 2 could be considered.

hillmale   on 07/05/17 @ 19:17 said:

Hi all, i can make any date, so im leaving it to the majority to put a date forward, if June n Julys busy, perhaps after, i dont know lol.
Let the majority put a date or dates forward.

The Mind is Willing   on 08/05/17 @ 20:16 said:

How about 17th June?

walklovemyson   on 09/05/17 @ 7:57 said:

I can make it 17th June, FYI it's Father's Day weekend and some of OD'ers are in Snowdonia. I have checked OD calendar and nothing on 22nd July.
So I am proposing the second alternative. Hope this helps.

landranger68   on 09/05/17 @ 8:36 said:

Hi Glen,Will be there.

Carpe Diem!   on 09/05/17 @ 8:37 said:

On FB a lot of folk have said that they're gonna go with Liz and Graham on 1st July so it sounds like two walks now. One on 17th June and one on 1st July?

Carpe Diem!   on 09/05/17 @ 8:38 said:

Just read Coco' s comment again and I agree that we should not clash with other scheduled OD events if possible

The Mind is Willing   on 09/05/17 @ 14:32 said:

I checked the dates. There is only the Snowdonia weekend and I didn't think anyone on the list new David. I hadn't realised it was Fathers day as my Dad has been gone awhile . Funny I should have chosen that day as it's quite apt for David. I'm not going to fight over days. A as no one took the first step-I did. I'm quite happy to go with the flow but if it doesn't fit for me don't worry

Carpe Diem!   on 09/05/17 @ 14:55 said:

The Mind is Willing: X

Spring   on 15/05/17 @ 12:47 said:

Unfortunately I can't make June. free from 8th July onwards

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