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Great site. Met someone very special. Thanks for your help.

Within a week on Outdoor Duo back in March 2017 ... one of my matches turned out to be my soul mate; and we are still happily together ... running, cycling, climbing, walking and planning new challenges

Thank you, I really like this site. I've met someone so coming off for a while but could be back and would certainly recommend to like minded people

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Blue John   on 04/05/17 @ 18:03 said:

There is a clip on my facebook page last few days about what causes this. I used Green Superfeet insoles as mine was very painful & I walked it off in effect

Highpeakman   on 04/05/17 @ 18:24 said:

I agree with John. Daily stretching exercises and the correct Superfeet insoles cleared it for me. The main problem for you Doug, is that the Superfeet insoles cost ?28 so you won't take the advice but will go for a cheaper version that won't work!!

ManPlusDog   on 04/05/17 @ 22:27 said:

Hi Doug, I had it last year which is why I wasn't around so much.I tried walking it off but it got worse, I know it works for some,not me.
I had to rest up for quite a while,stopped walking every week and eased off on the really long walks.lots of Stretching and rolling the foot on a rolling pin helped mind that hurts while doing it.Insoles helped too.Patience and frustration really, it does ease but it takes time.Mine has got better but I still get the odd pain if walking more than about 12 miles.
Good luck with it.

hillmale   on 05/05/17 @ 6:56 said:

Hi LW.
The main cause, is the collapse or lack of support for the arch of the foot.
The arch isnt being supported enough, so it collapse's, so stretching the muscles n tendons n guiders n such, the pain comes from their attachment to the heel, basically, their being ripped off the bone, on the point, where their attached etc.
Like pulling a grass sod from its roots, yes that does sound as painful as it sounds, i know.
So get an arch support, that if the correct one, will stop it, again it did for me, but rest it until it heals itselfs.

iansmyname.....orisitjohn?   on 05/05/17 @ 8:34 said:

I would definitely recommend good quality insoles to anyone walking mid to long distances. Find out your foot type i.e. High Arch, Flat foot or Normal. Google the paper test or visit a running shop/sports direct. They should have a machine you stand on that will tell you which arch type you are. Then buy insoles to suit. I use Sorbathane. They are pricey, but well worth the investment.

landranger68   on 05/05/17 @ 10:20 said:

I have the green superfeet insoles,which do take up the imperfections of the feet,realign and offer correct support.They are no cheap,but make so much difference to a days walk

Blue John   on 05/05/17 @ 18:42 said:

I finished a big walk in the Lakes 3 years ago in agony, the next morning I hobbled around Keswick & went into George Fischer shop. The guy there gave me a pair of trial Green Superfeet to try in the shop & instantly it felt less painful. I bought them plus a pair of short brown superfeet to wear in everyday shoes & the following weekend I did all the Summer Ball walks with only minor discomfort. I continued to wear them daily & by October the pain was virtually gone. This doesnt work for everyone but I helped me greatly

Lazlo Woodbine   on 07/05/17 @ 9:13 said:

Thanks for all the input. The green superfeet insoles are now ?35. Actually on Friday I did something counter intuitive which helped a lot. Noting land rangers advice about arch support I removed the sorbathane heel pads I wear because of osteo arthritis in my rt ankle (were I a horse I would be shot). This improved things a lot.Fortunately the shoes I was wearing were OK to protect the rt ankle. Then I was wondering that as I have worn these for 40 years why should this suddenly happen. I suspect that the reason is I bought a stepping machine this year to keep up my fitness levels in bad weather. Although the machine simulates going up hill the footplates point downwards.

Lazlo Woodbine   on 07/05/17 @ 9:16 said:

To continue. This is un natural and probably put too much strain on the ligaments. So I have ditched the stepping machine and go for the injection on Monday. I will report if this has any effect.

Site Admin   on 07/05/17 @ 10:08 said:

This is v common. All insole advice is excellent, and there are plenty available on t'internet. If you have othe insoles and issues you should consult a sport physio. They can make a bespoke insole for you. (My wife has one for her boots and one for her work shoes. Worth every penny.) It sounds like yours isn't too bad yet, but it could mean the end of walking forever! Consult the experts before its too late.

Site Admin   on 07/05/17 @ 10:11 said:

One final item id a sleep boot. Your Planer Fascia heals over night which is why you get pain in the morning. At night your toes often point downwards. The boot streches the planar and calf muscle overnight as it heals so the scar tissue heals "long". The pain in the morning is the short inflexible scar tisuue stretching and tearing.

Lazlo Woodbine   on 10/05/17 @ 19:26 said:

Well I can say from personal experience the cortisone injection did absolutely nothing except hurt a bit when they did it. Next try the insoles or will they be rsoles.

Site Admin   on 15/05/17 @ 14:36 said:

Stretching exercises are a must! When I had PF I did the two hands on the wall one animated here daily:
and now do them before and after a day on the hills. Keep the leg straight and knee pressed back, heel on the floor throughout, foot pointing directly at wall (not in a duck footed angle) Press forward until you feel the calf and achiles tendon stretch. Don't go as far as to create pain. Hold the stretched positon for a slow count to 20. Do on both legs.
Cured me along with insoles.

Site Admin   on 15/05/17 @ 14:38 said:

Also try a "step drop". Stand on a step with the balls of your feet on the step, foot arch and heels hanging off. Slowly lower downwards until your toes are higher than your heels and you feel the achiles stretch. Hold for 20. Lift back up and repeat 5 times.

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