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Great site. Met someone very special. Thanks for your help.

Within a week on Outdoor Duo back in March 2017 ... one of my matches turned out to be my soul mate; and we are still happily together ... running, cycling, climbing, walking and planning new challenges

Thank you, I really like this site. I've met someone so coming off for a while but could be back and would certainly recommend to like minded people

I have met someone

I made a friend straight away! Thank you

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hillmale   on 26/04/17 @ 11:53 said:

I mentioned the wishes n thoughts our family had for her and Dave ,and their family.
I mentioned Liz Hughes's proposed walk at Howarth in memory of him ,for us lot to say our own goodbyes ,she regrets not being able to contact us to be at ,at least his funeral
She gladly gave me her contact details ,for anyone to contact her direct ,if anyone would like tho's contact details ,pls contact me by phone if you have my number or using this site etc.
She would sincerely love to hear n find out about our side of Daves life.
Details of Liz's walk to follow ,from possibly Liz herself ,but primarily ,its Sat July 1st.
To finish ,there's a gap in O.D. that will never be filled ,I will miss my friend.

JW   on 26/04/17 @ 13:20 said:

Thanks for that Glenn. Will try my best to make it.
Only met Dave the once so can't claim to be his mate, but he was part of the OD family and one of the earliest members.
Chin up mate.

hillmale   on 26/04/17 @ 14:44 said:

Cheers John, i know ya a distance away, but it would be great to see ya whatever the reason.
Liz will post walk details in the not too distant future, you take it easy till then G x

Just Bea   on 26/04/17 @ 16:22 said:

Thank you G....He touched many of us ...with his sincere friendship...

And like you...I wish I could see him again....

Love Liz suggestion of a remembrance day....It would be so fitting x

hillmale   on 26/04/17 @ 16:41 said:

In conversation with Daves wife, she has said anyone attending the walk,she would be very happy to have thos people, after the walk to go to Daves house, to have tea n cake etc, and for us to speak with her and gladly answer or talk about both sides of his life, and say our own goodbyes.
On behalf of O.D. i have thanked her for her understanding n hospitality.
Im sure that there are thos that would want to, i will reasure people, we will not be intruding, she emphasised this herself, she didnt know much about this side of his life, she'd like to hear about it.

Carpe Diem!   on 26/04/17 @ 19:53 said:

Thanks Glenn....your post, thoughts and representation of those of us who knew Dave are hugely appreciated. You're a star, like him...
July 1st is in my diary X J

walklovemyson   on 26/04/17 @ 21:15 said:

Thanks, Glenn. As you know I have been following those updates. Sadly I cannot do 1st July, last day of my son's school, the important speech day. RIP Dave, we never forget you!

The Mind is Willing   on 26/04/17 @ 21:47 said:

Glenn Johnny and I are away on 1st. Johnny did say on liz's FB thread but had no response. We want to be there - is there anyway it could be moved?

hillmale   on 26/04/17 @ 21:56 said:

Hi Claudette ,Liz n Graham have just gone for a week in the Lakes ,she said they may be off line for that time ,its Liz who initially choose the date ,perhaps on their return ,it could be discussed.
I'll see some of our lot on Fri/Sat on me Dales 3pks lark ,its gunna be good to get in the hills.
You two take care n enjoy ya Jollies G xx

Spring   on 27/04/17 @ 7:55 said:

Thanks Glenn. Im so sad he's gone and very much want to join this walk ,it would mean a lot to me to be there. unfortunately I'm already committed for the weekend of 1st and don't want to let people down so I'm hoping the date could be moved back a week or to a date which suits all those who feel strongly about it. fingers crossed x

hillmale   on 27/04/17 @ 8:54 said:

Hi S, if someone can get immediate word to Liz n let her know, if not we'll have to wait for their return, then all get round a table n put a suitable date forward, for everyone G x

landranger68   on 27/04/17 @ 9:07 said:

Hi Glen,Thank you so much for keeping us in touch and will be there on July 1st or any other date. So glad that you have given Dave`s Wife a side of his life that was never known and the bonds of Friendship forged with OD.Would it be possible to visit Dave`s final Resting place as for me it may bring closure to a very sad time.

alpine hiker   on 27/04/17 @ 12:22 said:

Thanks Glenn for all the info. I met Dave on walks over the years and always found him good company and interesting with all his varied interests. Very sad to hear of him passing. I would also like to go on the walk.

Ultreia (Jo & Alan)   on 27/04/17 @ 13:20 said:

Hopefully we will be there. There are many people on this site that I have met over the years and who I can call friends even though we don't see each other from one month to the next. I like to think we are all there for each other as we would have been for David. Unfortunately we didn't know what he was going through and because of circumstances we missed his funeral. We have lost a lovely genuine fella who was a good friend to many of us. RIP to a gentleman who will be there with us on the walk.��x

minty    on 27/04/17 @ 13:31 said:

Hi hillmale: thank you for keeping us informed. Only met Dave about three times. Always friendly and courteous and a good company. Where are close knit family and OD will miss him deeply.hillmale: if you ever want to have a chat mate you know where I am take care.

hillmale   on 27/04/17 @ 19:09 said:

Keith, Dave was cremated, a final resting place yet undecided, when i asked about this, so we could all visit n pay our respects, his son Tom, moved on the sofa to one side, Daves ashes/box was by his side, thats when it hit me n i had a bit of a moment, Toms girlfriend there too, a few tears by all.
Im sure once Liz is home, we can arrange a date, so as many as possible can attend.
I didnt know what to expect in going to Howarth, i just know i had to go, how would i be recieved, his family had hardly any knowledge of us at all.
It seems, he in his home life, was a very private person, a side unbeknown to us.
They were pleased to find out about this side of his life G x.

The Mind is Willing   on 28/04/17 @ 7:57 said:

Dave was a very private man who always supported people however he could. As people have said I'm gutted I didn't know and couldn't be supportive to him. Jo's right you didn't need to see him all the time to call him friend.

landranger68   on 28/04/17 @ 8:35 said:

Thanks Glen,when visiting Dave`s Family,you were not alone,you were taking all his OD friends with you.

Morningdawn   on 29/04/17 @ 12:30 said:

Thanks Glenn,lovely words and gestures. The OD family at its best.
I would like to attend the walk too, memories of times spent with Dave are special x

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