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Thank you - I have met someone using Outdoor Duo. He's very nice too!
Peaky Walker 

Met a wonderful man. Thank you

Met and married Tobyjug thanks to OD so no longer need the website as plenty of walking with two other clubs we are members of.

Great site, for finding outdoor people, have met my soulmate, thank you

Hi, It's a great site and works well I have met someone indirectly as a result Cheers

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Snowdoniawhite   on 20/12/17 @ 8:19 said:

Hello Mitch, I'd be interested in walking parts of it over one long sunny weekend

milvus   on 20/12/17 @ 22:47 said:

It's on my to do list. ��

Mitch   on 21/12/17 @ 3:12 said:

i can't promise long sunny weekends but i will certainly keep everybody up to date here when i intend it to happen. I did it once years back but for some reason it is back on my to do list again. Oh well doing it a second time won't hurt will it ?

landranger68   on 21/12/17 @ 8:58 said:

Good luck Mitch,really hope that you have much better weather than i experienced,endured not enjoyed.A.W.clearly stated that he would never set foot on any part of the P.W.again

Mitch   on 21/12/17 @ 10:51 said:

Thanks for that landranger68 I can sympathize with you from my first experience so why the heck do I want to put myself through it again, I guess it's because I can that makes me want to. I remember the year after I did it first time 2 friends did it in beautiful perfect weather. You never know the god's my shine on me.

BigBadJohn   on 08/01/18 @ 10:29 said:

Hi Mitch. I did 5 days of it with Sarah last year, and would like to fill in the bits I have not done. That is from Colden to Tan Hill and north of Hadrians wall. Carried my tent with me last time so flexible. Btw New Delight Inn at Colden is brilliant pub with campsite

Mitch   on 08/01/18 @ 13:14 said:

I have replied by mail to you personally BigBadJohn

Strider   on 08/01/18 @ 23:30 said:

I'd also be interested in joining for parts...

Mitch   on 09/01/18 @ 14:49 said:

Ok Strider

A2z   on 10/01/18 @ 18:35 said:

Hi Mitch, do you have a rough idea of when and over how long? Kathy

Mitch   on 11/01/18 @ 1:59 said:

Ok A2z the plan is start from Edale on Thursday May 3rd and all in all it is 17 days.

milvus   on 11/01/18 @ 21:28 said:

I won't have the annual leave to take for this sorry ��

Mitch   on 12/01/18 @ 14:04 said:

never mind milvus just keep it on your list you'll do it when it suits that's for sure.

Mitch   on 13/01/18 @ 11:23 said:

Ok so i have had to make a couple of adjustments but no big deal. I will be starting from Edale on Saturday May 5 and it will now be 20 days. I have my itinery done i just need a spare spot of time to get it on to the OD site.

Mitch   on 13/01/18 @ 14:07 said:

ok so i have decided that i don't want to clog up an Invitation with a lot of words i will just put the basics needed for an Invitation so if anybody is interested in parts or all of my walk please mail me and i will send you my itinerary.

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